How to Seamlessly Integrate NetSuite & Amazon for eCommerce Success

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Oracle NetSuite ERP provides a highly customizable and robust platform to manage your data from any platform, including Amazon Seller Central.

The NetSuite-Amazon integration allows you to send data from:

  • Amazon to NetSuite
  • NetSuite to Amazon

Establishing data flows between both platforms means greater visibility over your Amazon Marketplace data and a better understanding of your overall business processes.

Seller Universe is a NetSuite partner with experience and expertise in the eCommerce space. We have helped businesses like yours grow and scale by automating workflows and business processes. Get in touch today for advice on how to integrate NetSuite with your Amazon marketplace.

What is Netsuite-Amazon integration?

Amazon-NetSuite integration allows you to connect NetSuite to Amazon Seller Central. Syncing eCommerce APIs between both platforms helps with order handling, inventory management, refunds, shipping, product information visibility, and more.

Retailers, distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers can all benefit from connecting their ERP and eCommerce platforms. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Driving better buying experiences by optimizing fulfillment and product availability and providing real-time status information
  • Reduce operating costs with automatic product updates from NetSuite to Amazon
  • Automate eCommerce processes to scale the business

How Amazon NetSuite integration helps your eCommerce business

Amazon-NetSuite integration helps data flow between both platforms. By centralizing your data flows, you can increase your operational efficiency, improve customer service, and fulfill sales orders quickly.

However, to fully understand the benefits involved, we need to explore NetSuite integrations.

What are NetSuite integrations?

NetSuite integrations help you connect the ERP platform with third-party software. There are almost endless integration solutions for NetSuite, including tools for eCommerce platforms like Amazon.

Creating seamless integration between Amazon and NetSuite allows you to share data between the two platforms, which can improve your accounting and finances, tax reporting, customer service, and general operations.

NetSuite integrations can include the following:

  • API connections
  • Direct connections
  • Connections built on Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) software.

When you choose an integration partner like Seller Universe, you can:

  • Build custom workflows
  • Automate business processes
  • Gain robust real-time data to improve your eCommerce operations

Who needs a NetSuite-Amazon integration?

Any eCommerce business can benefit from a NetSuite-Amazon integration. Some of the eCommerce enterprises that can benefit from connecting Amazon with their NetSuite ERP are:

  • Retailers
  • Distributors
  • Wholesalers
  • Manufacturers

Essentially, anyone who uses Amazon to sell products. Amazon marketplaces offer plenty of opportunities to generate sales and revenues. However, operating a smooth-running eCommerce business involves several moving parts and complexity on both the eCommerce and operational sides.

Integrating the two platforms means you have more visibility over:

  • Sales orders
  • Fulfillment data
  • Inventory availability

Connecting your warehouse, sales, marketing, and finance with Amazon Seller Central means you can stay on top of sales, taxes, inventory levels, shipping, fulfillment status, and more. Additionally, you can use this data to improve your customer success and predict sales and revenue data.

4 Key Benefits of NetSuite Amazon integration

1. Improve inventory management

Inventory management is an essential part of running a solid eCommerce business. NetSuite offers modules that help with procurement, warehouse, and inventory management.

Unifying data between NetSuite and Amazon means no more shipping delays, missed orders or selling out-of-stock products. In other words, a superior customer experience. In addition, you have a better view of your inventory, allowing you to reorder when necessary and predict trends.

2. Better customer success

Customer retention is crucial in the eCommerce world. Amazon-NetSuite integration allows you to import customers from Amazon into your NetSuite CRM to provide a better, more consistent experience and deal with issues as they arise.

3. Accurate accounting

Integration with NetSuite allows you to import your Amazon settlement reports. These reports will enable you to see your account activity, including received payments. Centralizing this data gives you deeper insights into your finances and eCommerce performance.

Additionally, you can track customer orders from FBM and FBA fulfillment billing, including cash sales and invoices.

4. Data visualization

Connecting NetSuite with your point-of-sale (POS) solution allows you to synchronize product, pricing, order, inventory, and shipping data. Additionally, NetSuite's excellent dashboard and reporting tools make it easy to share and understand the data.

What connections are possible with a NetSuite-Amazon integration

Integration between NetSuite and Amazon connects several parts of your business.

Here is what is possible.

Export items to Amazon

Integration allows you to export data from NetSuite, which makes it easier to update your product catalog across several eCommerce platforms, including Amazon.

Send fulfillment data to Amazon

NetSuite order management and warehouse modules can automatically send data to Amazon when fulfillments are processed. This process gives your Amazon customers real-time information about the status of their orders.

Export inventory levels to Amazon

By connecting with your ERP platform, you can automate inventory levels to Amazon and ensure you only sell what you have in stock.

Export pricing information to Amazon

Dynamic pricing is an essential tool in modern eCommerce. By integrating Amazon and NetSuite, your current prices stay up-to-date without the need for manual data entry.

Import orders into NetSuite

The NetSuite-Amazon integration allows you to import Amazon sales information into your CRM. You can use this information to ensure the timely fulfillment of orders, monitor trends, and collect real-time financial data.

Import customers into NetSuite

You can automate Amazon to send each new customer into your NetSuite CRM tool. This process means you can retain more customers or send them marketing emails for cross-selling and upselling.

Import business reports to NetSuite

Sales and customer data can flow into NetSuite to ensure up-to-date information on frequent visitors, settlement reports, frequently purchased items, etc. This process provides reliable reporting and better insights.

Import order fees to NetSuite

Import order fees, payments, refunds, cancellations, and more from Amazon to NetSuite for a more comprehensive view of your finances.

What is a NetSuite connector?

NetSuite Amazon Connector is an Amazon integration app that syncs your NetSuite and Amazon accounts. A NetSuite connector facilitates data mapping between NetSuite ERP and:

  • eCommerce storefronts
  • Point of Sale (POS) systems
  • Online Marketplaces
  • Third-party logistics providers

Centralizing your data transfers with a connector has many similar advantages for eCommerce firms, such as:

  • Eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual entry through automation
  • Making the accounting process easier by recording transactions, tracking receivables and payables, and closing the book
  • Automating order management by and processing 
  • Improving inventory tracking, monitoring stock levels, and facilitating more accurate stock counts

However, while these out-of-the-box tools will work in many scenarios, they lack the customization options that make NetSuite so popular. When you want an edge over your competitors or have proprietary needs, custom NetSuite-Amazon integration is your best choice.

Final thoughts

NetSuite-Amazon integration is essential for moving your eCommerce business to the next level. Centralizing data helps improve inventory management, ordering, and financial management while providing better customer service.

Seller Universe has helped countless eCommerce businesses grow and scale by integrating their sales platforms with NetSuite ERP. Making the most of your data should be a priority. The NetSuite-Amazon integration allows information to flow between each platform so you can have better visibility of your sales, finances, and overall operations.

Reach out today to learn more about how NetSuite-Amazon integration can help you gain an edge in the market through centralized data, automation, and various business process improvements.

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