NetSuite POS Guide: Point-of-Sale Overview, Integrations, and More

January 14, 2023

Integrations with NetSuite Point-Of-Sale (POS) can change your in-store retail systems and help you give great customer service. These powerful applications connect to your NetSuite ERP platform. This lets you connect inventory, warehousing, and accounts while giving your customers the service they want.

What is NetSuite POS?

The digital transformation of the retail industry over the last few years has been remarkable. Where once it was enough to have a register to ring up sales and process returns, customer expectations changed dramatically. NetSuite POS is a powerful, flexible solution that was made for the way we do business now.

NetSuite SuiteCommerce InStore is the NetSuite Point-Of-Sale solution for modern retail environments. It combines the ways stores have always worked with new digital features that help customers have better, more efficient, and more connected experiences. However, there are also several great integrations that we will explore at the bottom of the article.

What are Point-Of-Sale systems?

Point-Of-Sale, as you might have guessed, refers to the moment a consumer completes a transaction. A POS system is a combination of hardware and software that makes this possible. They are secure, quick, and can connect to your existing eCommerce or retail systems.

NetSuite POS: The Future of retail

Online sales have grown considerably in recent years. However, they still only contribute about 20% of all retail sales. While trends suggest that more market share will move online, in-store retail isn't going anywhere just yet.

The global market for POS software is currently around $20 billion. That figure is set to more than double in the next five years.

While smooth transactions are the primary feature, these systems offer a lot more than just cash processing. They also connect to ERP software through the cloud, which gives businesses a new level of control over sales, customers, stock levels, and more.

NetSuite POS helps drive better customer experiences

First, let’s explore how NetSuite POS implementation helps provide a service that meets the expectations of modern consumers.

Seamless, continuous buying experience

The customer experience (CX) has become a vital consideration in modern eCommerce. Many consumers use a mix of online and in-store shopping, and NetSuite POS software gives them the best of both worlds.

Modern consumers spend a lot of time researching products online. Many store items in wish lists and online shopping carts for later use. NetSuite POS allows them to access these saved products in-store and take them home that day.

Similarly, customers can go in-store and take advantage of home delivery too. With NetSuite POS, your online and in-store businesses can work together instead of being run separately. This gives customers a smooth and continuous buying experience.

Unified commerce

It's not just buying experiences that become unified with NetSuite POS. The management and administration of commerce are facilitated by connecting digital and physical stores. Cloud-based POS systems connect retail units to the rest of the business. This means that sales, financial data, inventory management, and order insights are all available at the touch of a button.

Greater mobility

NetSuite POS systems have an incredible amount of flexibility. With the proliferation of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, sales associates are free to process orders from anywhere in the store (or the city) via touchscreen interfaces. This feature allows a much freer, open way to shop.

These devices are also linked to inventory, customer information, and even insights that can help salespeople make more sales.

NetSuite POS features

NetSuite POS has many features that make it ideal for modern retail environments.

Mobile POS

With mobile POS, your sales staff can use a variety of mobile devices to handle point-of-sale tasks. With this feature, you can make experiences that are engaging and interactive anywhere in the store or anywhere with Wi-Fi.

Better customer information

NetSuite POS allows you to collect and access a huge amount of customer information. Customer preferences, past transactions, support queries, and more are centralized, allowing you to provide highly personalized service.

Inventory management

Cloud-based inventory management means you're always up-to-date about what is in stock in every store. If you don't have a product available in one location, you can still make sales through home delivery or alternative store collection, meaning more revenue.


Access and permission to your NetSuite POS system are easy to grant and revoke. Securely share cloud-based data with management, accountants, clerks, merchandising managers, and more.

Accurate, up-to-the-minute sales reports

Real-time sales reporting provides a wealth of data on customers, sales operatives, and products. Everything is connected to your ERP solution, meaning you can take advantage of incredible business intelligence tools to make impactful data-driven decisions.

Personalized commerce

Leverage customer transaction history and preferences to provide recommendations for upselling and cross-selling, dynamic offers, and more.

NetSuite POS benefits

NetSuite POS has many benefits for the business and your customers.

Real-time NetSuite integration

NetSuite POS integrates with your NetSuite ERP backend, providing access to the platform's powerful business intelligence, reporting, and search capabilities.


NetSuite’s powerful customization options allow users to adapt the solution around their workflows, processes, and unique goals and objectives. No matter your business setup, NetSuite is flexible enough to adapt and adjust around you.

Increased sales

By improving CX, connecting to multiple commerce channels, and unlocking upselling and cross-selling possibilities, NetSuite POS solutions can help your business open new revenue streams.

Future proof

The retail space is moving quickly, with new functionalities for mobile devices changing the nature of the way people shop online and in person. Integrating with NetSuite allows you to make future-proof investments, no matter which channels become popular.

NetSuite offers a consolidated approach to commerce, meaning you’ll always have a center point around which to adopt tomorrow’s technology.

Lower costs

NetSuite POS is cloud-based and capable of running on mobile devices. Retailers can have all the advantages of a modern POS system without the high costs of investing in hardware and other related retail technology.

Quicker inventory and stock reports and updates

NetSuite POS lets you view stock in hand for all your stores. This information can help you set up a "just-in-time" model for stock storage and make sure your stores have everything they need.

Empower your sales associates

A NetSuite POS integration can drive the efficiency and productivity of your sales associates with powerful features like one-click order entry, efficient returns handling, and personalized consumer data.

Flexible payments

Customers expect flexible payment options, like cash and credit or debit cards. However, you also need a system that can handle gift cards, loyalty points, store credit, promotional codes, and more.

Better data

You can give your customers a more personalized experience and gather information to help your sales and marketing if you have customer data. With NetSuite's powerful business intelligence tools, you can learn more about your customers and your business, which will help you make better decisions in the future.

Sell anywhere

As long as you have Wi-Fi access, you can set up shop anywhere. Mobile POS means your business is active at trade shows, pop-ups, markets, and more, which can help businesses of any size.

NetSuite POS integrations

NetSuite works closely with several POS solution providers to offer advanced POS integrations. Here is a list of some of the most well-regarded NetSuite POS integrations available on the market.

Vend POS x NetSuite

VendPOS DirectConnect Suite App is a feature-packed NetSuite POS integration. It can be hosted inside NetSuite to provide users with a native POS solution. This collaboration offers streamlined and seamless workflows to take retail to the next level.

The data between Vend POS and NetSuite is shared, so users can take advantage of the best parts of both platforms.

Connect POS x NetSuite

Connect's standout advantage is its ability to integrate with e-commerce stores. This point-of-sale (POS) system is used by thousands of retail stores around the world and helps make shopping easier.

Because Connect POS works with NetSuite, sales and inventory data can be combined with financial and accounting data. Real-time updates mean a smooth retail business driven by powerful customer and financial insights.

Additionally, Connect POS was built for omnichannel retail and supports physical, digital, social media, online marketplace stores, and digital marketing.

Lightspeed POS x NetSuite

The best part of Lightspeed POS is its data-sharing capabilities. The POS tool can automate channel communication, allowing for robust integration with NetSuite.

By connecting Lightspeed with NetSuite ERP, your business can share data about inventory, finances, and customers back and forth. This feature means more efficient customer experiences, better personalization, and more efficient sales.

With NetSuite ERP as your central point of data, Lightspeed works to improve shopping experiences and give sales staff the tools they need to give top-notch service.

How Seller Universe Can Help

Navigating the future of e-commerce alone can be difficult. Seller Universe is here to help you when you need help, advice, or support to set up NetSuite POS. We provide specialist experience and expertise across the retail and commerce space alongside services that can bring your business to the next level.

We drive the businesses we work with to grow and scale through NetSuite. If you’re ready to embrace the benefits of unified commerce with an omnichannel experience that will delight your users, get in touch today to see how we can help.

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