Power BI NetSuite Data Integration

Power BI NetSuite Data Integration

Power BI NetSuite Data Integration

Reports are critical in data-driven firms where information is the key to success. Management and team leaders should be able to generate relevant and timely reports in order to have a better understanding of their operations and customers.

Without a question, NetSuite offers some fantastic built-in reporting capabilities, but they are sometimes insufficient.

Power BI is a business analytics tool from Microsoft that allows users to produce reports and dashboards, as well as link to data from a variety of sources, including NetSuite. Users can use Power BI to view their NetSuite data and increase their reporting capabilities.

Power BI in More Detail

Power BI is a powerful business intelligence application that creates interactive visualizations and graphical reports in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

Power BI's USP is that the dashboards and interactive reports it creates are simple enough for even non-techies to understand, making it a top pick for business owners and SMEs.

Power BI's drag-and-drop capability for creating reports and dashboards makes it incredibly user-friendly and non-technical.

Why Should I Integrate NetSuite With Power BI desktop

As mentioned earlier, Power BI makes it easy to view data in a visually appealing way. But let's get into more details regarding the benefits you stand to gain:

Seamless integration

Power BI was created in such a way that it works effortlessly with all of NetSuite's existing modules. As a result, you won't have to integrate the financial and HR modules independently.


Using the drag-and-drop capability, Power BI will assist customers in quickly creating personalized, tailor-made dashboards. These dashboards would be entirely customized to meet unique needs and company goals.

Safe and secure

Because Power BI uses highly advanced client-side encryption, enabled by cipher block chaining mode and advanced encryption standard. NetSuite customers will be able to safely publish reports. If you connect Power BI to work in tandem with NetSuite, there will be no leakage or security risk if there is any confidential data.

Easily accessible

The entire business intelligence module is compatible with Android and iOS platforms, allowing for greater mobility and ease of data access.

Accurate real-time data

All data extraction requests will be responded to in real-time by Power BI, making the platform dynamic and active.

It also works together with NetSuite to ensure that the reports generated are accurate and delivered quickly.

Power BI NetSuite Integration

There are multiple ways to integrate Power BI with all your NetSuite data. These could include:

- ODBC / OLEDB Interface


- NS Scheduler

- NS Backend 

- SQL Server

But for this article, we will be taking a look at loading data through ODBC.

Connecting Power BI with an ODBC data source

First, you will need to download and install CData ODBC Driver for NetSuite. Afterward, you can proceed to download Power BI if you haven't already done so.

Open Microsoft Power BI desktop, then click "get data" and select ODBC.

Select your NetSuite source from the "DSN" and click OK.

You have the option to expand the Advanced Options node and type the SQL query you wish to use in the SQL Statement box.

Under "Navigator" select the tables you want to work on. Click edit once you are done.

In the Query Editor, the table you imported is visible. You may supplement your local copy of NetSuite data with additional data sources, pivot NetSuite columns, and more via the Query Editor. The data type of each column is determined by Power BI using the NetSuite metadata retrieved by the driver.

In the Applied Steps area of Power BI, you can see how you changed the query. Power BI conducts the data retrieval query when you click Close and Apply. Click Load if you want to import the data into Power BI.


Users will be able to make increasingly informed decisions in response to company needs if they have easy access to intelligible data.

NetSuite data certainly has its benefits, but it can't do everything alone. Integrating it with Power BI desktop is a great way to ensure you have accurate and easily understood. If you are unsure, it helps to get a NetSuite integration partner to help you along the way.

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