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Martin Zerrudo


With over six years of digital marketing experience, he can create and manage strategies, campaigns, and projects for different platforms.

Martin has a passion for looking out for the latest data, trends, and research relevant to the industry. Using this knowledge, he implements marketing efforts to meet the current needs of the brands he’s working on.

Beyond marketing, Martin has also mastered the art of project management, ensuring daily operations go on seamlessly among his team members. He believes in the power of interpersonal collaboration, honesty and transparency in the workplace, and keeping yourself updated with the latest marketing skills.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Media Studies, Martin has a flair for conversation. That’s why it’s not surprising to see him as the face of many of our training and welcome videos. It’s also why he loves dipping in the pool and meeting every member of the team. He makes sure that everyone on the team is on the same page and has everything they need to flourish in the Seller Universe family.

He can bring the message across with cohesiveness and clarity -- and, simply put, the total package for a Marketing Executive.

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Elle Egurrola


If you have any questions about Amazon, go to Elle. That’s the best way to describe her. You think “Elle,” and the first thing that comes to mind is “Amazon.” And if that isn’t some legacy to have in the marketing industry, we don’t know what is.

But Amazon wasn’t always her first expertise. Elle used to work in the finance industry as a data analyst and a financial analyst. But if there’s one constant thing, it’s Change. As the times evolve, Amazon has proven time and again that it is the leading marketplace globally -- and it’s here to stay. With this in mind, Elle trained and mastered the ins and outs of the Amazon marketplace, its Seller Tools platforms, and everything in between. She has been focusing on eCommerce for three years, with a heavy concentration on Amazon for the past year.

Her university background in Business Administration and Management has prepared her to have the proper mindset that puts all of her clients at ease. She understands what it takes to run a business and manage its risks to see it succeed.

These reasons and more are why she’s our COO.

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Renan Vizotto

Head of design

Renan is an Italo-Brazilian designer specialized in Typography and Visual Identity. He creates breakthrough design ideas applying strategic and creative thinking. Renan doesn’t only design, he strategizes, builds, and creates impactful creatives based on business needs and transforms them into meaningful design solutions.

He graduated in Graphic Design from Universidade do Vale do Itajai and specialized in Typography at EINA Barcelona. With 11 years of experience in the Design Industry, he has worked for several studios in several countries such as Brazil, Portugal, Mexico, Italy, Japan, the USA, and others. From packaging materials to digital assets, from logotypes to huge design systems.

His approach is ‘connecting the dots’ in implementing an end-to-end design solution.

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Content Team

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Wielding the power of words to slay your competition.

Our content team is ready to maximize every character and key word to capture your audience and get you sales.

Gaze B

Paulyn A

Elaine M

Kathy F

Roselle P

Justin A

Aya A

Red C

Amazon Marketing Service near me

Creative Team

amazon marketing agency in the USA.

We put the hero in hero image.

Use our creative team to empower your brand voice and generate clicks through immersive and engaging images.

Sergio L

Zara M

Gil J

Valery D

Diana R

Andrew P

Nikita K

Sergey H

Campaign Team

Amazon advertising services in the USA

Cost effective data based strategy

Our Amazonauts speak the language of the Amazon algorithm. They craft high performing campaigns that will instantly boost your ROAS.

Orlie C

Katie I

Clar C

Neil A

Mark F

Vryan M

Sulpicio I

Yen B

Amazon consultant in USA

Operations Team

Amazon Operation services in USA

Health, Efficiency, and Stability

Our five star operations team ensures that your Amazon Seller Account maintains it's account health through consistent fulfillment, efficiency, and stability.

Paula L

Loida F

Enay E

Mark dR

Janice T

Randell E

Russell L

Julibell D

Kay Anne R

Zack dU

Melissa E

Peter T

Jam C

Gladz G

Eunice dC

Trix R

Ecommerce Agency Group of Companies

Seller Universe ecommerce group provides an essential set of services and solutions for growth and scale. Helping brands in cost effectiveness and efficiencies in today's complex, multiplatform ecommerce marketplace and ecosystem.

Our experts in ecommerce strategy, advertising, ERP, creative, human resources, data analytics, content, and digital marketing offer a comprehensive solution to scale a brand’s business on physical and digital shelves.

Our teams will seamlessly integrate and simplify deliverables, overcome pain points, increase sales and maximize brands’ and retailers top line revenue and profitability.

Seller universe Ecommerce group

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