What are NetSuite Developers, and What Do They Do?

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The Oracle NetSuite platform is known for offering businesses a lot of integration and customization options. NetSuite developers are responsible for coding the custom NetSuite tools that make the platform so flexible and robust.

At Seller Universe, we have been helping eCommerce businesses design and develop high-converting websites and high-performing NetSuite integrations and customizations for many years.

Let's explore why developers are crucial to a successful NetSuite implementation across various business processes.

What is NetSuite Development?

Each company has unique needs and business processes. As a result, each NetSuite implementation can be widely different.

There are a lot of Oracle NetSuite professionals required to support businesses in unlocking the power of the NetSuite platform. While a functional consultant is great for helping understand and translate business requirements, NetSuite developers are responsible for writing the code that pulls everything together.

When it comes to integrating NetSuite modules and customization tools, you need a NetSuite developer to build the code that enables interconnectivity. NetSuite developers code using SuiteScript, a NetSuite programming language that is based on Javascript.

How NetSuite Development Services Can Help Your Business

The true power of NetSuite is found in its ability to support a wide variety of business processes and needs. Fitting the NetSuite system around your particular company is the job of a NetSuite developer.

When companies want to unleash the full power of a NetSuite solution, they need someone with the skills to translate business needs and requirements into applications and extensions within the platform.

NetSuite ERP solutions are prized because they are highly customizable, and you can adjust them to meet and exceed your business needs and objectives. However, if you want maximum performance and reliability, you need the services of a NetSuite developer.

NetSuite optimization, customization, connecting modules, and integration of third-party software are complex processes that can benefit from experienced consultation and the skills of NetSuite developers.

Companies that want to get the most from the NetSuite platform and gain an advantage over their competitors can benefit from the help of NetSuite development professionals.

How NetSuite Customization Helps Businesses

NetSuite customization helps businesses tailor NetSuite ERP to their business needs. Many companies have unique requirements that can only be met by personalized software and applications. Customization helps NetSuite users achieve successful projects by tailoring the software around their workflows.

Typical NetSuite customizations

NetSuite customizations can be performed for a variety of business purposes.

Here are some of the most popular reasons for NetSuite development:

  • Customizing NetSuite dashboards
  • Extending NetSuite functionality
  • Integrating third-party apps within the NetSuite environment
  • Modifying existing software functions and capabilities to suit the business better

Customization tools within NetSuite

NetSuite serves so many different business sectors and niches that the out-of-the-box version of the software won't cover every need or requirement. However, you can enhance your NetSuite solutions in a variety of ways by using the following tools:

  • SuiteScript: This application helps you build and design new functions, business processes, or entirely new applications that you can host on NetSuite.
  • SuiteTalk: SuiteTalk allows users to connect NetSuite to a variety of legacy systems and third-party applications.
  • SuiteBuilder: A user-friendly tool to configure and personalize NetSuite via point-and-click tools.

Benefits Of Oracle NetSuite Customization

One of the key uses of NetSuite developers is to provide customization for NetSuite implementations. Here are a few of the big advantages of customizing NetSuite.

Tailor NetSuite to your business requirements

Out-of-the-box software works well for a broad number of users. However, there are always some areas where it doesn't suit the exact business needs. NetSuite developers can tailor the entire NetSuite ERP environment to fit unique business processes and workflows. Additionally, NetSuite developers can help build custom records and forms for NetSuite CRM and other tools. This process allows teams to unlock the benefits of real-time connectivity while still having tools set up for their precise business requirements.

Improve productivity through personalization

NetSuite developers can also help with personalization down to the employee level. Different teams, roles, or individuals can have work tools built for their approach that can boost productivity or cater to their specializations.

Integrate legacy or third-party applications

If you've built or heavily invested in a system but need NetSuite ERP to help you scale or grow, you can still retain some of the legacy system's functionality. NetSuite developers can build integrations, so you keep these tools in some way.

Additionally, while NetSuite offers organizations an all-in-one business solution, many specialist third-party applications are still essential to various businesses. NetSuite development provides a path to easily exchange data between these tools, meaning you can have the systems and workflow that best suit your business.

Build new features and apps

NetSuite developers can help organizations build new features and apps that work natively in the NetSuite environment. These new tools can boost productivity, workflows, and business processes and help your company grow.

What Skills Do NetSuite Developers Bring To The Table?

The best NetSuite developers have a comprehensive and flexible skillset.

They need:

  • A thorough understanding of NetSuite functionality
  • Expert knowledge of SuiteScript, alongside Javascript, CSS, and HTML
  • Excellent problems solving skills
  • The ability to listen to business requirements and find elegant solutions
  • A workable understanding of your business sector

Who Works With NetSuite Developers?

While NetSuite developers are responsible for writing the code to implement customization and third-party integration, they don't function on their own. Instead, they work alongside various professionals, like a NetSuite architect or consultant, to deliver on business needs.

Additionally, developers also work with a NetSuite administrator and a variety of non-technical professionals to ensure their work suits the needs and requirements of stakeholders and the broader business.

When Do You Need A NetSuite Developer?

Businesses can require the services of a good NetSuite developer at any stage of their NetSuite product lifecycle.

NetSuite development is crucial during the implementation process for many teams. Developers can help build automation tools alongside industry- or business-specific integrations and customizations.

Once your NetSuite solution is live, developers can still provide a lot of value. These professionals can scale and improve configurations by adding integrations and other extensions to the platform as business needs develop.

A NetSuite developer's primary goal is to shape NetSuite around your business needs and objectives. That process can involve finding better ways to use NetSuite data to power business decisions, automating daily tasks to boost efficiency, or building extensions that help businesses be more competitive.

Advantages Of Using A Certified NetSuite Developer

A certified NetSuite developer brings extensive experience and qualifications. Unlocking the power of NetSuite solutions involves tailoring the software around specific business needs and requirements.

When you work with a certified NetSuite developer, you know that they are well-versed in SuiteScript and the other languages and design fundamentals required to customize, integrate, and extend the NetSuite ERP platform.

How Do NetSuite Developer Accounts Work?

One common concern that businesses have when contracting professional services staff, such as NetSuite developers, is issues surrounding sensitive or confidential data. However, the solution to these problems lies in the use of a NetSuite developer account.

A NetSuite developer account comes with similar features as your production accounts. However, developer accounts don't contain any production data.

You can set up developer accounts so they only contain the information required for testing and development. Additionally, developers use a variety of sandbox accounts with replicas of the production account (without personal and financial data). These accounts have additional tools that are perfect for customization and can be used with SuiteScript and SuiteFlow.

Can NetSuite ERP Integrate With Other Software?

While NetSuite provides organizations with an all-in-one platform to meet their business needs, many organizations need third-party integrations with other software, like Shopify, various CRM tools, HR systems, and marketing automation applications.

Connecting with an expert ERP integration partner means that any systems you use can work together seamlessly, providing a single source of truth.

Where To Find NetSuite Developer Resources

NetSuite offers its users a massive amount of developer resources online. It's an excellent repository for the essential information you need for NetSuite development. However, you can also join the SuiteCloud Developer Network to gain access to the tools, services, and support you need for more advanced applications.

Final Thoughts

Oracle NetSuite is an incredibly flexible tool that brings value to a variety of businesses. However, you need a NetSuite developer to tailor the platform to your unique needs.

Seller Universe has the knowledge and expertise to help you extend NetSuite functionality through customization, third-party integrations, or additional modules.

Reach out today to discuss how our NetSuite developers can help you drive greater productivity and efficiency within the NetSuite platform.

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