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Oracle NetSuite is a flexible and complicated tool that can help businesses in many different fields improve and optimize their operations. But some employees who haven't used ERP much can find it hard to understand this powerful software.

There are several ways that you and your employees can learn about NetSuite. However, if you are implementing NetSuite and want to maximize your return on investment, an implementation partner like Seller Universe could be your best bet to ensure your employees are comfortable with the new NetSuite tools.

What is NetSuite Training?

NetSuite training refers to any education that individuals access to improve their NetSuite skills. This training can take a variety of forms, including:

  • Official training sessions through NetSuite SuiteTraining
  • Online NetSuite training provided by independent companies or NetSuite experts
  • Onsite training sessions offered by your NetSuite service provider support team.

As you can see, there are several ways to access NetSuite training. However, not all NetSuite training courses are created equal. While the official courses from Oracle and the training you can get from NetSuite partners are solid, private courses can vary in quality.

For businesses implementing NetSuite, training is something that should not be ignored. At a minimum, you should speak to your implementation partner about support and training options if you want to get the most from your software investments.

NetSuite Training: Benefits, Courses, Certification, And More

NetSuite training is essential for any business that is implementing NetSuite. Getting your team up to speed can boost adoption, productivity, and efficiency.

Where Can You Access NetSuite Training?

As we said above, you can get NetSuite training from NetSuite, from private course providers, and from companies that help you set up or use NetSuite.

Let's explore some of these different ways of learning NetSuite.

Official NetSuite Training

NetSuite offers a range of NetSuite training options via SuiteTraining.

Customer Learning Cloud Support

The Customer Learning Cloud Support Company Pass is a subscription-based training course. It allows businesses to buy a pass so their NetSuite users can engage in continuous learning. There are a lot of options with an LCS company pass, including:

  • Support for different learning styles
  • On-demand online training courses
  • User enablement
  • Interactive webinars
  • Hands-on exercises

Additionally, LCS offers attractive options like personalized learning plans, education advice, and access to support instruction.

Partner enablement

Partner enablement is designed for NetSuite professionals who sell, implement, and advise on NetSuite products. The training is designed by the same teams that train internal NetSuite employees.

These programs cover a wide range of NetSuite areas, including:

Product Training

NetSuite partners need to have a good range of knowledge about the comprehensive portfolio of NetSuite products. Product training helps NetSuite partners learn about modules, business processes, and other NetSuite functions.

Additionally, as new features and products are released, NetSuite professionals can stay up to date to help deliver value to their clients.

Industry training

NetSuite ERP tools are used across a variety of industries. Effectively advising upon and implementing solutions to these sectors requires knowledge about issues, best practices, and other details affecting businesses in these areas.

Taking a dedicated NetSuite course in these areas helps partners offer a better service and understand how NetSuite can solve particular industry issues.

Skills training

NetSuite also gives its partners training to help them get better at selling, negotiating, and other sales-related tasks.

Technical training

NetSuite offers training for professionals who would like to learn more about how to customize and extend the ERP platform.

NetSuite certification training

As NetSuite grows in popularity, more businesses are looking for NetSuite-certified professionals. NetSuite certification is helpful for individuals, NetSuite customers, and partners.

NetSuite offers a few different certifications covering things like NetSuite administration, software development, and consulting.

Administration certifications

  • SuiteFoundation certification
  • Administrator certification
  • ERP consultant certification
  • SuiteCloud Developer certification

Please note that you must finish the SuiteFoundation certification before you can access the other training courses on the list above.

User certifications

There is also certification for financial management and business operations end users, too. 

These include:

  • SuiteAnalytics User
  • Financial User

Why Is It Worth Getting NetSuite Certified?

NetSuite certification offers a range of benefits for individuals, customers, and NetSuite partners. 

Why individuals should get NetSuite certification:

  • It gives you access to an elite network of NetSuite professionals.
  • It helps you distinguish yourself from your peers.
  • It can help you with job interviews, promotions, and other career progression opportunities.
  • NetSuite Certified professionals gain access to a private LinkedIn group that provides networking opportunities and guidance.

Why customers should get NetSuite Certification:

  • NetSuite Certified employees will help you get the most from your NetSuite implementation and lead to greater ROI
  • NetSuite Certification can assist you during the hiring process because you can select employees with proven NetSuite experience, skills, and knowledge.
  • Encouraging your employees to take NetSuite certification courses ensures that your staff understands NetSuite and has the right training.
  • While you can run your own training courses or training days without testing your staff, you can't be 100% sure they've retained what they've learned or that they are ready to bring it to bear in the work environment.
  • NetSuite Certification offers employers a benchmark for quantifying their employee's skills and experiences.
  • If some of your staff take NetSuite Certification, they can pass that knowledge down to other staff members, resolve issues, and provide general support.

Why NetSuite partners should get NetSuite Certification:

  • It boosts your company's credibility
  • It ensures your employees are up-to-date and capable of giving excellent support during implementation and deployment
  • It looks good on your website and assures prospective clients that you.'

Third-party NetSuite Training

There are a number of independent, third-party training providers available to assist any user in gaining the NetSuite experience. These courses are not approved or accredited by Oracle. As a result, they are something of a mixed bag.

You can find NetSuite online training on education platforms like Udemy. Additionally, there are dedicated websites and tutors that offer these services. Additionally, there are several free online training courses on websites and YouTube.

In the same way that the quality varies wildly, the course curriculum does too. Some of these courses are tightly focused on one aspect of NetSuite, such as General Accounting, Functional Consultant, Client Script, NetSuite Basics, etc.

Some of the courses consist of NetSuite training videos and a test. While an on-demand video does let users learn at their own pace, it lacks the interactivity of a live, tutored course.

Training from NetSuite Solution Providers and Partners

The last option for training comes from NetSuite Solution Providers or Partners. Often, this support and training are built into your implementation costs. So, for example, during the entire implementation process, your partner will send NetSuite experts into your business, and they will provide training to get your employees up to speed.

The excellent thing about this type of training is that it can be tailored to your specific business implementation. NetSuite is a hugely flexible tool that can handle many customizations and integrations. As a result, customized courses from NetSuite partners can be the best way to drive the most value from your specific NetSuite deployment.

Who Needs NetSuite Training?

Three main groups of people will benefit from NetSuite training. They are:

  • Employees at organizations that use NetSuite: NetSuite training is essential for employees that work at organizations that use the NetSuite platform.
  • People who want to become certified NetSuite professionals: If you want to become a NetSuite consultant or advisor, you can add to your skills and experience with official NetSuite training or certifications.
  • Job seekers: The job market is highly competitive. A NetSuite training course or certification can help catch the eye of potential employers, particularly because NetSuite is quickly becoming a more established ERP platform.

Benefits Of NetSuite Training For Individuals

If you'd like to work as a NetSuite consultant or advisor, training can help you achieve your objectives.

Career Opportunities

Taking a NetSuite online training course can help your career advance. NetSuite training can help you do a better job at work and make a good impression on your bosses.

Better Employability

Having a sought-after NetSuite certification can help you in interviews, especially at businesses that already use the NetSuite ecosystem.

Benefits Of NetSuite Training For Businesses

For employers, the benefits of NetSuite training are immense. If you've decided to use the NetSuite platform in your business, you'll need to train your staff.

User Adoption

User adoption isn't just about the fact that employees actually use the tools you provide. It's also about them using these same tools to full effect. You want your team to become NetSuite users, not people who just happen to use NetSuite.

Increased Productivity

NetSuite is all about improving productivity through optimizing and automating business processes. Unlocking the power of NetSuite involves showing your users how they can use tools to eliminate mundane and repetitive tasks and free them up to do more meaningful, value-driven work.

Mitigate Implementation Risks

Any digital transformation comes with some risks. But if you train your employees well, you can get rid of most of the worries that come with introducing a new software tool. So to ensure your implementation goes smoothly, ensure your team learns NetSuite one way or another.

Faster Time To Value

If you get a new tool, it's normal for your staff to be less productive for a short time while they figure out how to use something they haven't used before. Sending your employees to a NetSuite training course or setting up training with NetSuite experts like Seller Universe will make sure they are ready when you go live. That means a faster time to value your investment.

Other Ways You Can Learn NetSuite

While official training courses are the best way to gain NetSuite skills and knowledge, there are other ways that you can learn how to get the most from NetSuite.

Message Boards, Forums, And Social Media

There is a significant NetSuite community on places like Reddit, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. While these avenues don't provide you with training, you can learn a lot from other NetSuite professionals.

The Official NetSuite YouTube channel

While a lot of the content is short, snappy, and introductory, the NetSuite YouTube channel is a good resource for a wide range of NetSuite topics.


SuiteAnswers is a vast knowledge base offered by NetSuite. You can access SuiteAnswers when you are logged into NetSuite. While it's not the same as a structured learning course, it's an incredible repository of common questions and answers.


There are also several books about NetSuite that can be a helpful alternative to NetSuite training.

NetSuite For Consultants by Peter Ries and NetSuite ERP for Administrators by Antony Bickoff are decent books. There is a NetSuite for Dummies book; however, it was released in 2010, so it's not current enough to be of real value, even if there is some helpful information in there.

How Long Will It Take to Master NetSuite?

While specific training courses will promise that you can learn about NetSuite in 10 days, that's probably optimistic. It's certainly enough to learn the basics, but mastering NetSuite is a challenge without enough hands-on practice.

NetSuite runs boot camps on various NetSuite specialties that last around three weeks. Adding this to the experience and practice you already have will help you get to a good level.

However, the honest answer is that learning NetSuite never really stops. With new features, functions, and advances in the business world happening all the time, it's a constant process.

Seller Universe has a proven track record of ensuring effective NetSuite implementations. A big part of that success has come from our ability to understand your business processes and needs and find a way to translate that into training for your staff.

We are committed to supporting our partners when they implement NetSuite. Taking care of problems as they come up is part of this, but practical NetSuite training is also important to make sure your staff is ready to use the platform when you go live.

Get in touch today to talk about how we can help your team by teaching them the skills needed to make your implementation a success. 

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