What is a NetSuite Administrator?

October 9, 2023

Certified NetSuite Administrator Admin ERP System Amazon E-commerce Software

If you run an e-commerce business, managing inventory can often be an enormous challenge. Well, the good news is you’ve found the answer to your problem with NetSuite to help you manage inventory. But before we go any further, it’s important to understand what a NetSuite Administrator does. We'll also cover how NetSuite Network Admin works to achieve business goals through tech solutions and software integrations. Let’s take a deeper dive into the role of a NetSuite Admin. NetSuite is a complicated maze of functionalities that not many people can navigate. Taking on the administrator role in NetSuite takes a lot of experience and know-how. Choosing the right NetSuite Administrators for the job is crucial for your processes to go well.

In this article, we will talk about what a NetSuite Network Admin is and what roles they play for a business. We will discuss the main characteristics a NetSuite admin should have to get the job done.

Certified NetSuite Administrator Admin ERP System Amazon E-commerce Software

What is NetSuite?

Before we go on with what a NetSuite Administrator does, let's first look at what Oracle NetSuite is.

Oracle NetSuite software is an online solution that allows businesses to manage all of their critical business activities and systems in one place. You don't have to worry about hardware, big upfront license charge, maintenance fees, and complicated setups with this service.

NetSuite is used for ERP or enterprise resource planning and inventory management. It is also used for financial management or tracking, hosting e-commerce shops, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. NetSuite helps improve business performance and increase productivity.

What are the Roles of NetSuite Administrators?

A NetSuite admin wears many hats. They manage a lot of different tasks on NetSuite ranging from technical to financial. They are what keeps the gears in your NetSuite account turning so your business can go about smoothly.

NetSuite administrators’ job descriptions include configuring, maintaining, and optimizing the software to streamline workflow. They should be capable of designing and customizing dashboards to make them concise and user-friendly.

What does a NetSuite Administrator do?

As you build a business, not everything goes as planned. In fact, some things will go wrong. It’s how you correct those issues that matter most. You need support from someone who knows how to use the software and understands what you need for your business. If a NetSuite Admin is doing its job correctly, you should never have a problem with the software.

It's no easy job to be an administrator. It takes a lot of skills and knowledge to handle what they do. In this section, let's discuss the different duties of a NetSuite Network admin.

Giving Admin Technical Support

They give technical support to team members. Should problems arise with the software, they should know what to do. A NetSuite admin will be able to troubleshoot software issues in person. The admin might be part of the IT staff at the company. But many businesses rely on outside contractors regarding IT issues.

Reporting And Consolidating Reports

In addition to that, they help in consolidating reports and searches about the business. This helps the other team members understand how the business is performing. This can guide the team to revamp their strategies for better performance in the future.

Customizing User Roles (Including Other NetSuite Administrators)

A NetSuite Network admin should be capable of creating and modifying custom user roles to control access to information in the software. The NetSuite software holds a plethora of sensitive data about the business. To protect this information, security protocols are necessary or should be enforced. NetSuite administrators are part of that.

Creating Dashboards

NetSuite administrators create dashboards for user groups within the company. Dashboards contain crucial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which are information about a company's overall performance. A NetSuite Network admin can use NetSuite's powerful customization tools to create novel functionalities tailor-fit for the company.

NetSuite Admins Must be up-to-date with NetSuite Changes

NetSuite administrators should be aware of the software's new functionalities. This is to make sure that the business is keeping up with the evolving NetSuite landscape. NetSuite is ever-changing, and so are businesses. It's important to be well-informed of updates and innovations to keep the workflow seamless and top-notch.

NetSuite Network Admin Coordinates with other departments

In addition to that, a NetSuite Network admin works with the financial department because they are expected to handle account records. Administrators team up with the marketing team to maintain the company website and other platforms.

That was a quick gist of the roles and responsibilities of a NetSuite admin. The list of roles can change, depending on the demands of the company. But all in all, a NetSuite Network admin is a versatile guru focused on keeping business functions running. In the next part, we will discuss what traits all administrators should have to help you choose the right person for the job.

Non-negotiable characteristics all NetSuite administrators must have

Choosing the right person for your administrator job is tough work. Not only will you be handling crucial operations for that person, but you're also giving them access to sensitive information about your company. Here are a few qualities you may find in an applicant that can serve as green flags that they are great for the job.

As previously said, the job of an Administrator varies based on the task. However, anyone taking on the post of NSuite Administrator will be required to have some basic abilities. Let's examine the skills and experience that businesses want in a NetSuite Administrator.

NetSuite administrators must be versatile

Managing NetSuite means staying on top of many responsibilities. It is important that an administrator knows the basics of running NetSuite software like the ones we mentioned earlier. 

Instead of hiring different people for different roles, you want a team member that can do a lot of tasks. Inter-functionality and versatility are valuable traits for managing NetSuite. It's more cost-effective to hire one person to do a lot of jobs than hire a lot of people to handle varying responsibilities.

NetSuite administrators must have discretion

NetSuite administrators will have access to sensitive information. They should know how to be discreet with the data they see because a business's data is its lifeblood. The NetSuite administrator you hire should be someone you can trust with crucial information.

Simple questions during the applicant's interview might help you find out if they are suitable for the tasks ahead. Asking them about sensitive data about their previous jobs is a great way to test if they can keep information to themselves.

NetSuite administrators must be great under pressure

NetSuite administrators often work in high-paced environments. Handling a multitude of software functionalities can take a toll on anyone. Not only are NetSuite administrators tasked to handle high-level duties, but they are also expected to be available when other team members have concerns.

You need a person who thrives under pressure because handling NetSuite software is no walk in the park. Setting expectations during the applicant's interview is a nice way to gauge their bandwidth. You don't want to expect too much from someone who can't deliver.

NetSuite administrators must be capable of multitasking

A NetSuite administrator does not spend a regular shift doing a single task. A regular shift is not spent doing one task only. It's spent going over many different tasks at the same time. The person you hire should know how to multitask to execute responsibilities impeccably.

The ability to multitask also comes with dependable problem-solving skills. Rarely does a day pass without problems popping up. So a NetSuite administrator should know how to keep a level head in the face of multiple tasks and problems.

NetSuite administrators must be capable of training users

NetSuite administrators are also trainers. They are expected to teach other users to navigate NetSuite. In addition to that, they are expected to be the go-to person when other team members have questions about the software. Knowing how to explain things in a simple but concise manner is a great quality for administrators.

If your administrator isn’t able to do so, it would be a great investment to train them in the art of explaining and training. It would make your business processes related to NetSuite smoother and easier to handle. This is because many of your team members will benefit from an expert on the software.

Those are just a few qualities that NetSuite administrators should possess. These traits evolve and increase as the business grows. It's important that as this happens, they are also willing to move forward to keep doing a good job.

What should you see on a NetSuite Administrator applicant's resume?

Looking over at your applicants' resumes, there are things that should stand out as exemplary signs that a person is up for the task. In this section, we will discuss what things you should look for in an applicant's resume when fielding NetSuite admin jobs. For workers looking for ways on how to become NetSuite certified, this shortlist might come in handy too.

NetSuite Admin Prior Experience

When looking for a team member to take on the NetSuite software, you don't want a total beginner. You want someone with years' worth of experience under their belt. This increases the chances of the job being done well, as with many other duties in the workplace.

NetSuite administrators are also expected to train other team members to use the software. This includes the CEO or CFO. That's why you want someone who has had deep prior experience with NetSuite for the job.

NetSuite Training and Certification

NetSuite Administration has plenty of opportunities for individuals who are committed to learn, thrive, and promote its growth. There is a growing demand in the IT industry for web services, mobile device management. Networking, cloud computing, and data analytics are also booming! Certified NetSuite Administrators are sought-after nowadays.

It takes two exams to be a certified NetSuite administrator. One is the SuiteFoundation Exam, which tests the person's core knowledge about NetSuite. The second one is the NetSuite Administrator Certifications. Both tests help aspiring administrators to pinpoint and improve on their weak areas. They also help reinforce NetSuite knowledge so they learn deeper. You can trust a certified NetSuite admin to know what they are doing, no matter the task you give them.

Additionally, certification is not a one-time thing. Because NetSuite is an ever-evolving software, knowledge surrounding it also changes. Annual certification quizzes are needed to make sure administrators are up to date with the latest NetSuite changes and innovations.

Before taking on the two exams, administrators undergo rigorous training to get certified. In this training, they learn the fundamentals and practice handling the real thing. There are multiple NetSuite training options online for aspiring administrators. You can check those out to find out what to expect from applicants.

You only really need to look at those two when reading resumes. But both are crucial to finding the right NetSuite admin for you. You might also have other preferences depending on the culture of the company or team.

If you can't find the right person for the job, you can always look for companies offering administrators. You can be assured that these administrators have been vetted and the quality of their work is top-notch.

Key Takeaways

Handling NetSuite software is not a job for many people. It's challenging in more ways than one so finding the right person to do the job is an accomplishment in itself. 

To get the most out of your NetSuite software, you'll almost certainly need to be a NetSuite Administrator. You'll need a strong, experienced individual to be the operation's heart and soul if you're going to use the world's #1 Cloud software.

In the process of looking, don't get lost in the urgent need to fill the position. Take time in getting to know your applicants to make sure you make the right choice. Having NetSuite is a great addition to business processes, and that's why finding someone to handle the software should be done well. Learn more about how to become a successful NetSuite Administrator and common mistakes NetSuite Administrators make.

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