NetSuite Warehouse Management: eCommerce Distribution Done Right

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Efficient and optimized warehouse management is a crucial part of eCommerce. Competition and fine margins mean well-run logistics operations can be the difference between success and failure.

The NetSuite Warehouse Management System (WMS) uses industry-leading practices to help drive the efficiency of your warehouse. The software adds to the inventory management and warehouse functions that NetSuite already has. It also connects to shipping systems.

Seller Universe is here to advise you on planning, implementing, and deploying a wide range of warehouse and inventory solutions, including NetSuite WMS.

What is NetSuite Warehouse Management?

NetSuite WMS offers warehouse and fulfillment software that is part of NetSuite's broader cloud-based ERP solutions. The software can help eCommerce businesses like yours with functions like:

  • Inventory management
  • Receiving and putaway
  • Order fulfillment
  • Cycle counts.

NetSuite WMS uses robust, customizable dashboards that support real-time data visibility. By using a mobile device, your operatives can improve inventory accuracy while dramatically reducing the time it takes to pick and search for items. The software solution also helps businesses keep track of how productive their employees are and gives them access to a wide range of key performance indicators (KPIs) about their incoming and outgoing inventory.

How to Improve Your Warehouse Operations With NetSuite Warehouse Management

If you want to improve warehouse productivity, some of the first areas you should consider are reducing manual processes and improving the real-time visibility of warehouse inventory. Additionally, you need to optimize warehouse space.

Why you need NetSuite WMS

eCommerce is a high-growth yet competitive sector. If you want to outwork your rivals, you need to exercise control over inventory, fulfillment, and shipping costs. Improving warehouse operations by making it easier to see what's in stock and getting the most out of each worker is a big part of this process.

The best path to optimization and growth is to use warehousing best practices in conjunction with a strong Warehouse Management System (WMS) that can manage disruptions in operations and resources.

NetSuite WMS is a perfect solution for eCommerce distribution operations. Mobile or RF devices can guide receiving, putaway, and picking, while other functions like wave management, cycle count planning, inventory updates, and integration with shipping systems can boost your overall operations.

Warehouse Management Features

NetSuite WMS has a number of features for eCommerce brands that want to improve and expand their warehousing operations.

Inbound logistics

NetSuite WMS provides mobile tools for efficient receiving. WMS is powered by a mobile device that is easy to use, and it comes with best-practice putaway strategies to make sure that warehouse items are received, recorded, and stored as efficiently as possible.

Order fulfillment

Order fulfillment is an essential aspect of a well-functioning warehouse. NetSuite WMS uses wave release and smart pick and pack strategies to help your operatives fill orders quickly and more accurately.

Mobile warehouse management

The NetSuite WMS mobile app is made to help warehouse workers do their daily jobs right from their mobile devices. This setup significantly reduces human error and drives efficiency. Additionally, because the system is digital, companies can benefit from more accurate, real-time data that helps them track inventory and KPIs for picking, packing, receiving, putting away, and more.

Cycle counting

If you run a busy warehouse, you'll understand that inventory counts can be challenging when orders are coming in at the same time. NetSuite Smart Count offers an excellent solution to these issues.

This inventory cycle counting solution helps you automate your inventory counts without freezing orders. This means fewer backlogs that affect your picking and fulfillment KPIs.

Smart Count tracks inventory levels for goods at the start of the count and records transactions that happen during the count. Teams get alerts when inventory levels change and can choose how to adjust their records to reflect that activity.

Nin management

Bin management is a popular warehouse management strategy for storing items. NetSuite WMS offers support to manage your inventory using bins. But it also helps smaller warehouses and retail stores use mobile picking without bins to get the most out of it.

With NetSuite WMS, you can use mobile devices to create wave transactions and do a number of inventory management and order processing tasks. Additionally, teams can also define and view stock locations for quicker picking.

Warehouse Management Benefits

NetSuite WMS gives eCommerce companies a number of real ways to improve their productivity, visibility of their inventory, and customer satisfaction.

Enhanced data capture and entry

NetSuite WMS makes sure that you can quickly and accurately record and enter data as soon as your goods arrive. Item, serial, and lot numbers are recorded, meaning your records align with what is on the warehouse floor.

Optimized space utilization

For fast picking and fulfillment times, you need to optimize your warehouse space. NetSuite WMS ensures better putaway by ensuring each item has adequate space. Also, it makes sure that your most popular or fastest-selling items are kept close to your fulfillment centers. This saves time for your employees and lets you handle more orders.

More visible inventory

NetSuite WMS allows you to track items that move through your warehouse. Goods are tracked when they enter and leave an environment with the help of wireless RF or mobile phones. You always know what you have in stock, helping you effectively replenish.

Increased Employee Productivity

Help your workers be more productive by giving them handheld mobile devices that tell them what to do when they receive, store, pick, and ship items. New employees and temporary contractors can get up to speed quickly, too, even when they are unfamiliar with the environment.

Quicker and more accurate fill rates

NetSuite WMS has a range of features that boost the efficiency of your order fulfillment processes. The software plots shorter picking paths, allowing your team to maximize their efforts. Furthermore, WMS employs multi-order picking to take advantage of your operatives' positions in the warehouse and double up picks when it is the most efficient move.

High customer satisfaction

A high customer satisfaction (CSAT) score is one of the biggest determinants of growth for any eCommerce brand. A huge part of achieving high scores involves making quick, error-free deliveries. NetSuite WMS provides data validation functionality that means you can reduce the number of mispicks, lowering profit-draining returns.

Lower costs

Intelligent fulfillment lets you spend less time looking for and handling items, cut down on shipping costs, and increase your cash flow as a result.

What Businesses Can Benefit From Warehouse Operations?

NetSuite Warehouse Management was made to solve many of the problems that are common in eCommerce warehouses. If you recognize any of these issues, NetSuite WMS could be just what you need to bring your operation into line and pursue scale and growth.

Data input errors

Data input errors can cause chaos in the warehouse and missed revenue opportunities. With NetSuite WMS, you can use a mobile device to receive items and enter the right numbers and characteristics as they come into the warehouse.

Inefficient order picking

Quite often, picking one order at a time is not an optimal use of your operative's energy. With NetSuite WMS, you can make fulfillment more efficient by using wave release or picking more than one order at a time. Make the most of every single pass by picking for multi-orders, saving time and energy, and boosting productivity.

Poor item visibility

A well-run warehouse must know its inventory status at all times. NetSuite WMS gives you real-time information about the number of items, their status, and where they are in the warehouse at any given time.

Inefficient use of warehouse space

Efficient order picking puts pressure on your employees and increases fulfillment times. These inefficiencies add up and amount to wasted time. NetSuite WMS optimizes the layout of your warehouse by putting similar items together and putting popular items close to fulfillment centers, which cuts down on the time it takes to pick items.

Order picking mistakes

Order mistakes slow down fulfillment, hurt customer satisfaction, and cost you money through shipping costs for returns. NetSuite WMS uses workflows on mobile devices to show your workers step-by-step instructions on how to pick.

How to use NetSuite WMS

NetSuite WMS can be seamlessly integrated into your broader NetSuite setup. However, it can also run as a standalone system with NetSuite WMS Lite.

Is The NetSuite Warehouse Management System Challenging To Run?

NetSuite WMS has a lot of advanced features that will help you run your warehouse more efficiently. Of course, learning and adjusting to new tools can take some time for your staff, especially if it involves an overhaul of established warehouse processes.

Seller Universe can help your business at every step of the journey, from assessing and planning straight through to implementation and deployment. What's more, we also offer support from experienced members of staff to ensure you get the most from your investment.

Is NetSuite WMS Suitable for Your Business Needs?

The Seller Universe was put together to help online businesses grow and expand. We help businesses in many ways, such as by consulting, planning, and managing the move to NetSuite properties.

NetSuite provides everything an eCommerce brand needs, from business and accounting tools to warehouse management systems like NetSuite WMS. To find out more about how NetSuite WMS can positively affect your business, reach out today for a friendly discussion.

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