NetSuite BPO: What is NetSuite's Business Process Outsourcing Program?

January 14, 2023

The NetSuite BPO program is an initiative that gives business process outsourcing (BPO) firms access to the tools they need to provide their services to clients of different sizes.

Many companies recognize that their core specialties don't run the gamut of business expertise, which is why they seek the services of domain experts. The NetSuite BPO program helps NetSuite partners provide the expertise these companies are missing.

What is the NetSuite BPO program?

The NetSuite BPO program was designed for NetSuite partners who offer business process outsourcing (BPO) or business processes as a service (BPaaS).

BPOs have become an essential part of the business landscape because they provide services like:

  • Financial management
  • Inventory management
  • Project management
  • eCommerce
  • CRM
  • and more

Partnering with NetSuite offers BPOs a way to provide these essential services to businesses of different types and sizes.

To meet these different needs, you need a solution that is flexible, can be changed, and can grow. This solution should be able to help startups, established businesses, and everything in between. For this service to work, NetSuite BPO program partners need a solution that is easy and quick to set up and can be changed to fit the goals, objectives, and specifications of larger clients. NetSuite is the perfect tool for the job.

NetSuite is an excellent platform for BPO firms because it has a wide range of functionality. Its all-in-one nature means that BPOs can offer comprehensive services that are efficient, reasonably priced, and suitable for several sectors and business sizes.

The upshot of the NetSuite BPO program is that it provides businesses with an affordable and low-risk way to access the benefits of NetSuite implementation and help with their business processes.

How does the NetSuite BPO program work?

The NetSuite BPO Program consists of over 70 global partners. When a firm wants to outsource some of its business processes, it can contact NetSuite for a partner recommendation. Alternatively, they can find these partners on their own.

Essentially, it's a win-win for clients and partners. BPOs have access to a cloud-based tool they can use to provide business services, while companies of every kind can quickly take advantage of NetSuite's capabilities through their BPO partner.

Why BPO services are growing in popularity

As digital transformation continues in the business world, it gets harder and harder to run and manage a business. Digital systems have become more complex and interconnected, making it hard for many companies to even compete with each other.

Automation has given many businesses an edge. They've reduced costs and human error, and they're benefiting from these advantages. In the same way, the rise of big data and business intelligence tools is helping people make decisions and gain insights that are based on data.

ERP software has emerged as the solution for businesses that want to compete. However, the research, procurement, implementation, and integration of these advanced tools is a specialist, expensive, and time-consuming process.

The NetSuite BPO Program is a solution to this issue. It introduces businesses to NetSuite's many benefits through their selected NetSuite partners.

By outsourcing specific business functions, they can learn how NetSuite works while benefiting from expertise in a range of disciplines, like accounting, CRM, eCommerce, and inventory management.

What are the benefits of the NetSuite BPO program for your business?

The NetSuite BPO program offers lots of incredible benefits for businesses that want to outsource business processes and explore the possibilities of NetSuite at the same time.

Save time and money

Outsourcing business processes saves companies time and money in several ways. For starters, it gives businesses access to experienced experts in various fields. The competition for talent acquisition is so extreme right now that even companies with huge budgets are struggling to assemble the right teams. BPO solves this problem without adding a headcount or attendant expenses.

Secondly, you only pay for the services you use. This situation means a far more predictable and stable cost structure.

Focus on your core operations

BPO allows businesses to focus on their core operations. As any business owner will tell you, running a business is full of complexities. Quite often, companies find themselves so overwhelmed with admin, finances, and regulatory compliance that they struggle to find time for the value-driven work that their clients need.

A BPO solution helps them retain their focus on the work that makes them unique. Depending on the tasks you outsource, a BPO firm may be able to automate boring or repetitive tasks, giving you more time to work on growth or other goals.

Easy access to NetSuite

Implementing NetSuite is a drawn-out and expensive process. The benefits are huge. However, most businesses lack the expertise to do it alone. For high-growth or scale businesses, rushing through procurement, implementation, and integration is not an option.

If you want to maintain momentum and benefit from an ERP solution like NetSuite, one of the quickest ways to get up and running is through a NetSuite BPO Program partner. They already have the software and, more importantly, the expertise. Additionally, because they work with a wide range of clients, they’ll typically have knowledge of the best practices for your sector.


Agility is an essential aspect of the modern business environment. With a BPO partner, you can change your business to take advantage of market changes and new opportunities. Instead of rushing to hire more experts when the job market is tight, you could outsource certain business processes to help you adjust to new opportunities.


Adding more business doesn’t have to mean you have to add more resources. When you work with a NetSuite BPO partner, you can add capacity and functionality without adding a lot of extra work.

Adding new departments for accounting, finance, payroll, customer relations, etc. is a hard task for companies that need to grow quickly. Instead, outsourcing a variety of services means that you can add expertise, experience, and knowledge without missing a beat.

Lower barrier to entry

Adding a full ERP platform requires a lot of planning and a big investment of time and money. A NetSuite BPO partner, like Seller Universe, has the experience and know-how to help shepherd you through the process.

Why NetSuite BPO is an excellent choice for companies migrating to NetSuite

The benefits of migrating to an ERP platform are well known. However, migration comes with a set of challenges and plenty of pitfalls. Ensuring a smooth and successful process involves expertise and experience, which is where hiring a NetSuite BPO can help.

Working with a partner like Seller Universe gives you access to first-rate consultation that will look at your current processes to find any holes that need to be filled before migration. Additionally, by establishing a full understanding of your goals and objectives, you can put a plan in place that will ensure you get a strong ROI.

Finally, NetSuite BPO partners can help you with administration, customization, automation, and more. Migrating to an ERP is a big step, but you don’t need to do it alone.

Misconceptions about NetSuite BPO Partner Programs

There are a lot of misconceptions about accessing NetSuite through a BPO Partner program. Let’s deal with some of this misinformation.

#1: Some people believe that NetSuite BPO is a limited or stripped-back version of the NetSuite platform. However, this is entirely untrue. While there are differences in how the two solutions are licensed, you still have access to the same functionalities if you use the NetSuite BPO service.

#2. Another misconception that people have about NetSuite BPO services is that they are costly. However, the truth is that they are really affordable, especially considering what they allow you to achieve. NetSuite BPO is cheaper and quicker to implement, which means your business can start getting value from the platform immediately.

#3. One more myth we’ve heard floating around is that NetSuite is too powerful for early-stage companies pursuing high-growth strategies. However, alongside mid-market teams, these are some of the best candidates for a NetSuite BPO.

Adding expertise across administration, financing, and accounting is time-consuming and costly. Instead of going alone, you can use NetSuite BPO partners to upgrade your existing software stack and start you on the road to full implementation.

How Seller Universe Can Help

Migrating to NetSuite comes with some challenges. Any big ERP implementation project carries some risk, which is why outsourcing via a NetSuite-approved BPO service is the perfect way to start unlocking the benefits of these solutions. Furthermore, business process outsourcing provides access to experienced specialist services for high-growth or scaling businesses.

If you feel like your business could benefit from an ERP solution but you’re not sure where to start, contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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