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Power BI Custom Dashboard Services

Bespoke dashboards hold the key to business efficiency. Our expert team can help you tailor-fit your dashboards to monitor the key metrics of individual teams or consolidate all reporting results into one clear solution across the organization.

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Our Power BI Expertise

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Centralized Data

We can collate, present, and overlay data from all areas of the business and present it using user-friendly visuals.

Focus on Metrics

We help you gather insights from data and metrics that are most relevant to your team or your business.

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Streamlined Reporting

We’ll automate your information-gathering process to save valuable time and effort.

Customized dashboards aren’t just pretty charts

They give you clear benefits that you can exploit to increase the health of your business.

You can prevent problems from escalating by spotting potential trouble spots in advance.

You can ensure that key people have access to the right information when they need it.

You can mobilize your workforce by making info available to any device at any time.

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Find simplicity and clarity right when you need them

We’ll help you transition to a data-driven culture where everyone makes informed decisions with business intelligence. Enable everyone in your company to use real-time analytics to do their jobs in the ways that make the most sense.

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Ready to make better-informed decisions?

Let’s schedule a talk with one of our Power BI experts so we can explore solutions that work for you.

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Custom Power BI dashboards simply make sense to use

Business is about efficiency. A custom dashboard in the hands of every valued employee and key stakeholder also ensures that every citizen of your organization has the best capacity to contribute to your goals.

Reduce cost, complexity, and security risks that come with multiple solutions.

Discover the smartest tools and visualizations to yield the best results.

Empower your individual contributors to collaborate more effectively.

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We let our numbers do the talking

PowerBI is about simplifying the complex to get immediately usable information that makes intuitive sense. Here’s our own simplified snapshot of why working with SUEG makes good business sense for you.


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We elevate your brand so clients are drawn to your successes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Power BI?

Power BI is Microsoft’s interactive data visualization software that specializes in business intelligence.  It is a potent decision support tool that empowers companies with efficient, agile, and flexible data organization.

The advantages of Power BI are vast and can be seen through simple visual representation. Power BI fully summarizes company data in various visual forms such as maps, tables, charts, and gauges.

What data can we extract and connect?

Our Power BI team can extract data from almost anywhere. Through our systematized hybrid approach, we're able to leverage both AI automation and our expert data team to connect and provide you with simple data visualizations.

How does the process work?

During initial onboarding our Power BI team does a deep dive into your companies data, investigating the scope and depth of your unique channels and marketplaces. We then create a fully customized dashboard that you can leverage for reports, actionable insight, and decision making.

Can you build a custom dashboard for different teams?

Yes! Our data team has extensive experience in working with various teams for a wide variety of Power BI channels and marketplace implementation.