Make your data work for you.

Use powerful tools that automatically extract meaningful information from your existing data.

Through analytics, custom dashboards, and system integration, we’ll help you discover new insights into improving your business. 

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We're the algorithm whisperers

Our experienced analysts at SUEG live and breathe data analytics. We can extrapolate key metrics from raw data and visualize them in simple ways, allowing you to streamline your business processes.

Identify hidden areas that can increase business efficiency and create data-driven opportunities for growth. We know how the numbers work, and we can make them work even better for you.


Visualize the most important data at a glance

We’ll help you devise customized dashboards that allow you to see your most important metrics up front. Make sense of underlying datasets and previous reports at a glance so you can keep up with every team’s progress.

You get highly interactive snapshots of your business that can also update in real time. You can even set multiple dashboards as your favorites for long-term monitoring and planning.

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Dashboards get you timely insights that some reports can’t

There are several advantages to using dashboards when you need to quickly digest crucial information.

Use Multiple Datasets

You can create visualizations from many datasets or reports to give you a unique, operational view of your information.

Unify the User Experience

Embed dashboards into your applications so you get cohesive, consistent access to your visualizations from your favorite tools.

Empower Others

Instantly share a dashboard with other stakeholders in your company so you can communicate easily with your key people.

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PowerBI Integration sets the stage for growth

Combine Data Sources

Generate data derived from several external sources so you can expand the scope and breadth of your analyses.

Merge With Other Tools

Embed PowerBI into your existing tools as well as other Microsoft apps and services for seamless upgrades. 

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Crystallize your information now

Our expert teams stand ready to upgrade your decision-making tools. Get quicker insights with uncomplicated setups and no required training.

Turn endless emails with large attachments into a thing of the past as you start identifying opportunities using real-time, updated data. Make your business information make sense again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Power BI?

Power BI is Microsoft’s interactive data visualization software that specializes in business intelligence. It is a potent decision support tool that empowers companies with efficient, agile, and flexible data organization. The advantages of Power BI are vast and can be seen through simple visual representation. Power BI fully summarizes company data in various visual forms such as maps, tables, charts, and gauges.

What data can we extract and connect?

Our Power BI team can extract data from almost anywhere. Through our systematized hybrid approach, we're able to leverage both AI automation and our expert data team to connect and provide you with simple data visualizations.

How does the process work?

During initial onboarding our Power BI team does a deep dive into your companies data, investigating the scope and depth of your unique channels and marketplaces. We then create a fully customized dashboard that you can leverage for reports, actionable insight, and decision making.

Can you build custom dashboard for different teams?

Yes! Our data team has extensive experience in working with various teams for a wide variety of Power BI channel and marketplace implementations.