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Solving the Integration Challenge with iPaaS

Trusted by the world’s most transformative enterprises, Celigo has been a leader in integration solutions for the NetSuite ecosystem for many years.  In fact, more NetSuite customers automate their business processes using Celigo than anyone else. This partnership helps Seller Universe eCommerce Group's customers with their integration and automation challenges across the entire business.


Seamless integrations in one platform

Celigo is the industry's only prebuilt business process automations with embedded business logic. As you scale your eCommerce brand, migrating data can become a tedious chore. We partnered with Celigo to help to provide you with seamless integration over a wide range of applications and business processes. Through our partnership with Celigo, your team can create unique integrations, mappings, and integrated business logic to automate and optimize any business process in one platform.

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Automate and optimize like an expert

Automating business processes and applications that aren’t native with each other is a challenge. Powered by a unique Integration Application Framework, Celigo can provide you with an optimized platform that can easily integrate different business processes and applications without writing a single piece of code.

Integrate any application or business process

Different businesses have different needs and capacities. When you partner with Seller Universe eCommerce Group, you can get access to a wide range of integrations of business processes and applications including over 200 of the most commonly used tools. Celigo is the closest thing to a one-size-fits-all platform that provides business integrations efficiently.

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