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Seller Universe account management system is reinforced by Market Hyper-accelerator (MH1) formula, a synergy of cost-efficient strategies responsive to Amazon features that impact brand and account growth. MH1 is SU’s proprietary approach to provide unprecedented results to all brands it handles. What MH1 does is integrate powerful Amazon profit-boosting components through SU’s optimum BDE (Build, Drive, and Earn) plus CCCO (Content, Creative, Campaign, and Operations) schemes that accelerate sales growth, maximize net profit, and empower the brand’s marketplace presence.

Beyond employing BDE and CCCO practices, foundations for Amazon seller account are set up via meticulous SWOT analysis and account audit. From crafting winning product-detail pages (PDPs) to forecasting fulfillment, the accounts SU manages are launched off the ground fast through well-though-out marketing ads and campaigns without compromising their budget, ensuring that they generally capitalize from the ad spend. Not to go unnoticed is how SU takes charge of the complex processes and transactions that Amazon’s critical platform landscape is designed to operate. Instead of a haphazard approach to Amazon’s seller central tools, MH1 positions SU’s CCCO process to streamline efficiency and effectiveness.

Today, across all brands of the Seller Universe runs, there has been a notable increase in terms of overall revenue by 71%, conversion rate by 136%, return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) by 224%, and Demand-Sid Platform (DSP) revenue by 379%. All these and more have been possible because of   Seller Universe, the home of experts who patiently worked their way to a position where they are now — knowledgeable of the ins and outs of e-Commerce and adept in giving marketing solutions to problems businesses have in today’s competitive world of Amazon.


After 90 Days of Working with Seller Universe


Increase in Revenue


Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase in Total ROAS


Increase in Total DSP Revenue


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I was a bit lost when it came to Amazon, and how to figure it all out. I’m happy Seller Universe is here. There were so many things in regards to business that swallowed me up during the day that I wasn’t able to take care of Amazon. I was really excited to get things going. I feel like I connected with the team, like I could open up. There was just an energy of like-minded people. They’re always there, ready to go, and quick to respond.

Raj Dhanota


Trisha Watson

Trisha watson organics

I'm very happy with Seller Universe. They are very smart and diligent. They are hard-working and cost-effective. No issues, no gaps, and assigned things get done. I wish their whole team could run my Amazon account.

Andrew G


Kanat Ilter


I just wanted to comment as well on how impressed we were with these images. The look / feel of them is way better than what we had. To be honest, we are going to copy this format and update our other listings moving forward. Good job.

Andrew G


Mike Jackness

ecom crew
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