15 Best Questions to Ask Your NetSuite Implementation Partner

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The digital transformation has changed the business world forever. New technologies offer an unprecedented level of efficiency and productivity. If they want to stay competitive, businesses need to turn to ERP solutions like NetSuite.

Seller Universe knows all about using technology to help businesses scale and grow. As an experienced NetSuite implementation partner, we can help you plan, design, implement, and deploy NetSuite to ensure you get a great return on your investment.

Of course, many ERP projects fail for a variety of reasons. So, to make sure you choose the right implementation services partners, we suggest you do your research and ask questions.

What Is A NetSuite Implementation Partner? 

Switching to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution like NetSuite is a significant undertaking. If you want your implementation to go well, you need the skills and know-how of an experienced NetSuite implementation partner. These experts work as consultants to make sure that the installation fits the needs and processes of your business.

The NetSuite alliance partners will have experience in your niche or sector. They'll have experience with ERP implementation for similar-sized businesses. Working with the right 

A solid NetSuite implementation team will ensure you get the right advice for planning, implementing, and deploying your NetSuite software. In addition, these professionals can help customize NetSuite, integrate third-party tools, and even provide ongoing support and training for your team.

Questions To Ask Your NetSuite Implementation Partner To Ensure A Successful Project

Before you commit to a NetSuite implementation partner, you must ensure they are the right fit for your business. NetSuite ERP is a complex tool, and you can't afford to make any mistakes with your implementation roadmap.

We've made a list of questions you should ask potential NetSuite partners or NetSuite solution providers. The questions cover issues around the implementation process, your NetSuite partner's experience, and their overall understanding of how your business works.

1. How will a NetSuite ERP implementation help improve my business?

Before you use NetSuite or choose NetSuite partners, you need to know how the software will help you make your business more efficient or bring in more money. Your implementation partners should have a clear understanding of your industry and be able to explain why consolidating your business processes will help you increase productivity, save time through automation, and make more money.

2. How can NetSuite solve my business's pain points?

The best software solutions solve a pain point or problem, and NetSuite implementations are no different. A good NetSuite solution provider should be able to come up with a plan for how ERP software can solve specific business process problems.

So ask your potential partner how the NetSuite platform solves the issues that are holding back your business growth.

3. How can NetSuite help us use data analytics to drive decision-making at the executive level?

One of NetSuite's most significant advantages is its reporting and business intelligence (BI) tools. Any new software investment must bring you closer to making better, revenue-driving decisions.

Your prospective NetSuite partner should be able to show you how a cloud-based ERP solution can give real-time visibility into all areas of your business. When your executives have the right information, shown to them in a custom dashboard, they can make decisions based on the data.

4. Do you have an implementation strategy for specific industries?

The right partner will have deep expertise in your sector and industry. Ask your NetSuite partners about the best ways to implement an ERP system in your industry to make sure they can deliver value.

5. Are you a NetSuite solution provider?

NetSuite Solution Providers are experts that help deliver a range of NetSuite cloud solutions, including selling NetSuite licenses, implementation services, support, and application customization.

While your potential future NetSuite partners don't have to be providers, it's good to know where you stand.

6. How many implementations has your business completed?

While everyone has to start somewhere, you want to pick NetSuite Alliance partners with the right level of experience. Even small NetSuite software installations can be complex. Add on top of that customizations and third-party integrations, and there is a lot that could go wrong.

Selecting a proven and experienced partner helps you mitigate the risks involved with implementations.

7. Do you have case studies from implementations within my industry?

One of the best ways to determine the quality and experience of a NetSuite partner is to read through some case studies of their past work. Here, you can find out what sectors they can serve and how NetSuite users have benefited from their implementation services.

8. What additional NetSuite modules or applications do you recommend?

Each NetSuite software installation is different. The platform lets you do a lot of different things because it has modules or apps for accounting, finance, eCommerce, project management, marketing, customer relationship management, and more. Find out more about how your NetSuite partners see your implementation and which extra modules or applications they believe you need to make your business transformation a success.

9. What customizations or integrations will we need to reach our business objectives?

Companies have their own workflows, business processes, and personalized software requirements. One of NetSuite's most powerful advantages is that it's highly customizable.

If your business needs are unique, you need NetSuite partners who have enough experience with software architecture and development to make the solution fit your needs.

10. What methodology will you use during the implementation process?

Installing new ERP software for your business is a large undertaking. Ask your NetSuite partner about how they plan to carry out the implementation.

You should look for partners who say they want to help with consulting, research, planning, integrating, customizing, and finally deploying and implementing the software. Teams that take the time to understand your company's culture, needs, and requirements are your best bet.

11. Do you provide training and support once the implementation is complete?

NetSuite implementation services don't end once the software is installed. Before you go live, you need to ensure your employees are comfortable using these new tools and that your clients are not negatively affected by your decisions.

Look for NetSuite partners that provide expert support and training services after the implementation. The NetSuite platform has a reasonable learning curve. This support will be crucial if you want to make the most of your investment.

12. How long will the process take from start to finish?

Implementing a new ERP solution is a detailed and complex process. It can take somewhere between a few months and a few years for more complex builds. Ask your NetSuite partners how long the forecast is to get the job done. Additionally, get a breakdown of the timeline or road map.

13. Will the implementation affect my productivity?

Another big question that you need to ask is how a NetSuite implementation will affect your productivity. In most cases, a NetSuite implementation will be done while you retain your current solutions. However, there are scenarios where you could experience downtime.

Additionally, switching to a new ERP solution could cause a temporary drop in productivity while your team learns to get the most from the new tools. Work with your NetSuite partners to minimize the effects of your implementation.

14. What is your implementation rescue plan?

Each implementation is different, depending on the industry, business process, or individual company. However, it's essential that your NetSuite implementation partner puts a lot of thought into what happens if things go wrong.

Your NetSuite partner should have a backup plan in place to deal with the unexpected. Listen out for concrete steps or situations where they have helped other clients overcome any issues that occur during the implementation.

15. What happens if the implementation runs over the deadline?

Once your NetSuite partner gives you a deadline for delivering the project, your business needs to work towards that date. A centralized ERP solution involves connecting a variety of teams and departments, so you need to invest in training and preparation.

A solid NetSuite partner will explain how and why they can meet the deadline. Of course, unforeseen events can happen, so ensure your partners have a robust plan to deal with overruns without affecting your overall productivity or revenue.

Turn to Seller Universe

NetSuite implementation can be a lengthy and intricate process. With so much complexity involved, you need a NetSuite implementation partner you can trust. Asking your NetSuite partners’ questions can go a long way toward fostering trust and getting an idea of their skills, approach, and experience.

At Seller Universe, we welcome questions from our potential clients. We take a consultative approach with each partner and ensure we fully understand the business needs and processes before recommending any new software. So reach out today to ask how we can help you transform your business.

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