Improve Your Ad Creatives When Advertising Via Amazon DSP

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Amazon DSP is a demand side platform advertising that allows you to buy advertisements programmatically on and off Amazon to reach different audiences. Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) provides advertisers with opportunities to get audiences on direct Amazon websites. The Amazon Creatives DSP adds a whole new dimension to digital advertising and can improve your CTR (click-through rate).

Let's have a look at the reason why it is important to use Amazon demand-side platform to boost your Amazon creatives.

Online retailers are constantly searching for fresh and innovative methods to reach out to potential buyers and boost sales. High-quality product display advertisements and video commercials are an excellent way to inform the audience about the fantastic things you have to offer. As a result, the largest e-commerce platform developed Amazon Demand Side Platform.

Amazon Demand-Side Platform

Let's answer the most basic question first, what is Amazon DSP? The Amazon DSP platform allows marketers to buy display, video, and audio advertisements across Amazon's massive media network programmatically.

Amazon DSP's major benefit is that it allows marketers to use Amazon's first-party data. It records every search, view, click, purchase, and review you make on Amazon. This data collection extends across all of Amazon's businesses. This includes their websites and applications (more on that below) and consumer products like the Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Echo.

In other words, Amazon has a vast collection of information about how, what, when, and maybe why people buy what they buy. Amazon DSP allows marketers to promote their items while keeping the data anonymous.

Do you have to be an Amazon Seller to use Amazon Demand Side Platform?

Brands do not have to sell things on Amazon to use its DSP. They can use DSP to direct audiences and buyers to their own website. You can find Amazon Demand Side Platform Advertising on the following sites:

1. Amazon

Consumers can view these promotions on Amazon's main page. They can also find it on the Live page, Brands' Product Detail Page, and reviews page. It is also visible on the search page, offers page, and last but not least, the thank you page.

2. Amazon-owned websites

Examples of Amazon-owned websites are Audible, Buy Office Mojo, Goodreads, IMDb, ShopBop, Twitch.TV, and Zappos.

3. Apps owned by Amazon

Amazon Echo, Fire TV, Fire tablet, and Kindle are examples of Amazon gadgets.

4. Amazon's network of affiliate websites and applications

As you can see, this type of Amazon creatives advertising is vast. It reaches prospective consumers all over the internet. When launched correctly, it can make a positive impact on your sales and marketing plans.

What Amazon DSP ad types are available?

Here are demand side platform examples and types:

1. Dynamic e-commerce

Dynamic e-commerce ads choose Amazon creatives based on campaign objectives.

2. Static ads

Since static ads don't contain any dynamic elements, they require a call-to-action. The ads can link back to product detail pages, Amazon storefronts, or custom landing pages.

3. Video ads through DSP

With DSP ads, you can link your video ads to your own site or an Amazon product detail page.

4. Over-the-top video ads (OTT)

Millions of people view full-screen ads through connected TV devices (such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick). You can target these ads to specific Amazon audiences, but it is unclickable.

Advantage of Using Amazon Demand Side Platform Advertising

From its billions of regular customers, Amazon has the greatest database of actual buying and media consumption activity. Consider that Amazon is the largest eCommerce platform in the United States. It accounts for 50% of all eCommerce sales and 5% of total retail sales. As of 2019, 103 million Americans have a Prime Membership. This costs an average of $1,400 a year, compared to $600 for non-Prime members.

Across hundreds of retail categories, Amazon has the largest database of online customers at all phases of the customer journey. Amazon is developing a mechanism for marketers to seamlessly incorporate data into a multi-touch experience. This allows them to better identify categories and target potential consumers using an omnichannel strategy that differs significantly from Google or Facebook. Amazon's statistics are based on previous purchases.

Because of the platform's structure, it records activity at the bottom of the funnel. Compare it to Google that utilizes browser data and Facebook that uses social data such as likes and shares. This is where Amazon DSP's genuine value lies.

Benefits of Using Amazon Demand-Side Platform

Here are 4 things that your brand can achieve using A-DSP:

1. Accurate Targeting Across Devices

On mobile and desktop, Amazon DSP advertising appears as display ads. Amazon Creatives allows mobile app advertisements and banner display ads to appear on iOS, Android, and Fire Tablet. Mobile interstitial ads appear for a limited time inside mobile apps at natural transition points.

By pressing the "close" button in the upper right-hand corner, the user can dismiss them.

Amazon only shows video advertising on Amazon-owned properties like Fire TV, which provides a "brand-safe environment."

2. Dynamic targeting

In today's world, using data to identify where an Amazon Creatives ad should appear is a valuable tool. This is an efficient strategy. It will assist you in swiftly identifying changes in the landscape so that you can adjust your plan accordingly.

You may use it to reposition your advertisements or reroute your creative budget. You can also use it to adjust your domain ads to reach customers who are interested in your product. This is a prospective but flexible DSP benefit.

3. Consumer insights and analytics

You can gain in-depth insights about your campaigns before, during, and after they run thanks to Amazon's powerful data capabilities.

To help you understand what's driving results and what isn't, you'll get access to critical performance information. You can view the data of total sales, add-to-cart rate, product units sold, and more.

4. Retargeting

Gaining new clients, as well as sustaining a current audience, is critical to a company's success. Retaining existing consumers, on the other hand, is a more cost-effective method to spend your marketing efforts than attracting new ones.

You can raise brand recognition by teaching your customers about your items using Amazon DSP. You may, however, retarget potential clients who have already purchased or engaged with your product or comparable products in the category.

Start Making your DSP Amazon creatives 

Banners, interstitials, and short films are some of the Amazon creatives you'll need to get started with Demand Side Platform Advertising. You have the option of making your own or having Amazon do it for you. Amazon is concentrating its efforts on the latter.

One new ad style to explore is responsive e-commerce creative. It allows you to create adverts with up to 20 connected items in a variety of sizes automatically. According to Amazon, the typical construction time is reduced by up to 90%.

Amazon created the new ad structure for click-through rate, detail page view rate, or buy rate, depending on your preference. Out-of-stock items will be least prioritized as well.

Amazon allows you to create unique solutions and experiences based on your individual goals if you want even more detailed possibilities. You aren't even confined to digital advertising platforms with unique executions. Offline mediums and even live events may be part of your marketing strategy.

What is a Demand Side Platform Reporting?

Amazon campaign reporting shows how customers find, investigate, and buy your items on Amazon. Customers discover, investigate, and buy your things on Amazon, according to Amazon campaign reporting. For campaigns, you can make a retail insight data report that shows consumer activity before, during, and after the campaign.

Understanding these reports requires comprehension of attribution. In the end, this varies depending on whether you're selling things on Amazon or elsewhere. You can track product sales and overall sales on Amazon. Purchases impacted by the ad utilizing Amazon's Brand Halo method are included in total sales. Only conversions linked to the campaign may be tracked outside of Amazon. To understand more about Amazon Attribution, see this article.

Third-party reporting systems are also available to provide information on a brand lift and the impact of offline sales. Advertisers may also generate bespoke reports that are tailored to their specific needs and store them in the Amazon DSP report center.

Things to Avoid When Implementing DSP

The Amazon Demand Side Platform Advertising isn't for everyone. To get started, you'll need resources, and the targeting features are comprehensive, making it a difficult tool to grasp.

The DSP is geared for buyers and marketers of digital advertising inventory. This application attempts to make the bidding process more efficient, making it easier for users to get good ad slots. It saves money and time while also providing valuable information that allows the user to fine-tune the purchasing and selling process.

Amazon merchants may utilize it to stick to a budget or research the purchase process of their target buyer. A DSP manages the whole buying funnel, from a customer's initial awareness of a product through their actual purchase of it. This is, however, considerably more than a time-saving device. It will require time and effort to use a DSP efficiently. A badly maintained DSP will cost you more money than it is worth.

Before investing in a DSP, whether on Amazon or elsewhere, it's a good idea to think about some potential hazards.

Not Using Call To Action

A call to action is one of the most basic and vital aspects of advertising. This is also one of the most difficult aspects to perfect. The risk of utilizing a DSP is that you will get reliant on it.

Most essential principles of advertising will not change: you must persuade your consumer to take action. The information you require from the consumer may differ.

Maybe you need them to go to a website, view a video, or buy something. A DSP is a terrific tool, but it's critical to remember the advertisement's call to action. Otherwise, a consumer will be confused and unwilling to explore further. They may view your advertisement, but you will not make a sale.

Uninteresting Content

High-quality tools, such as DSPs, might make a seller complacent once again. If your Amazon creatives are boring, having your ad in the best position on the web won't assist you. Ads that are half-hearted or repeated are unlikely to get a customer's attention.

Remember that the average customer sees numerous advertisements every day. It's important for yours to stand out. The most effective approach to achieve this is to construct well-designed, attention-getting advertising.

When a buyer views the same ad several times, he or she is more likely to become angry rather than feel motivated to buy. Make a variety of advertisements. However, you'll still need to put in the time to make it work.

Not Making the Most Out Of Your Data

Your statistics will direct you if a DSP full-funnel strategy is required for your product. It's all about data on Amazon, and how you utilize it to your benefit. Staying ahead of the competition will need you to use the multiple levers supplied by the DSP and PPC advertisements. Future-proofing your DSP approach is essential for platform success in the future.