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Brand owners may express their brand narrative with improved image and video material by using Amazon A+ content in their listing's product description. They can feature competitor comparison charts, images of excellent quality, and videos in high-definition. Amazon A+ page is a premium content option. It allows sellers to use rich texts, videos, and graphics to update the product description of their branded ASINs. The goal of utilizing enriched multimedia material in your Amazon A+ pages is to improve the user experience. This results in more conversions and traffic to the listings. In this article, we will discuss the basics of Amazon A+ Content along with Amazon A+ Content Guidelines.

Premium Amazon A+ Content

Amazon Premium A+ content, also known as A++ content, is a step-up from basic Amazon A+ pages. It is a terrific way to create a memorable shopping experience for your customers. This is a feature that many large companies employ. Vendors get access to 16 more modules and other selling tools. It contains all of the information that a customer would like to know about a product before purchasing it. This is an extremely pricey invitation-only program.

It has the following features:

  • Integrated videos of a high resolution (720p) and a duration of 3 minutes.
  • Product graphics and visuals that are appealing, including 7 modules with HD photos.
  • With an interesting structure, an enriched FAQs list will clear up any misunderstandings and promote confidence.
  • It has Hotspot modules that respond when a customer hovers over a product's characteristics. This allows users to simply scroll through and provides them with an interactive experience.
  • Product pages that are mobile and voice friendly and interact with the Alexa system.

What Is Included in Amazon A+ Pages?

An A+ content page will include the following:

  • Various, various photographs of a product, including close-up product photography, varied viewpoints, and additional lifestyle views.
  • It can introduce your product in a precise, informative, and yet brief manner. This might be as little as 100 words. Each line leaves an impression on the consumer and describes the benefits in a clear and appealing list of bullet points.
  • Concise paragraphs with scannable headers that explain the product's features, specs, and benefits in greater detail.
  • "What's in the Box" is a part that details all of the product's components. This will help the buyer know exactly what they are purchasing.
  • Other aspects include 360° product views, a matrix (comparison chart), and movies for cross-selling goods within the product family, in addition to the aforementioned.

Who Can Create an Amazon A+ Page?

Until July 2019, Amazon A+ pages were only available to vendors. Sellers may utilize EBC (Amazon Enhanced Brand Content). It is a basic service that allowed sellers to add more information to their descriptions with a limited number of photographs. Amazon has now made Amazon A+ pages available to brand-registered vendors. For Amazon A+ page, you can add up to 15 ASINs every month. To make the most of Amazon A+ pages, you must focus on the best-selling ASINs.

Once Amazon approved your brand, you may only add high-quality Amazon A+ page materials to your approved brand catalog. Amazon merchants that participate in Amazon Exclusive programs or Launchpad can get automatic access to A+ material.

Once Amazon approves your brand, you may start adding ASINs to your Amazon A+ page. It's worth noting that you can create an Amazon A+ page for both parent and child ASINs. Sellers who previously registered under Amazon Brand Registry 1.0 should do so again under Amazon Brand Registry 2.0.

As previously said, this feature enables the brand to develop pages that include extra multimedia modules. These are brand stories, videos, testimonials, structured text, and so on.

Amazon A+ pages offered for sellers and vendors are different. Aside from meeting the qualifying requirements, Premium A+ content for vendors allows you to integrate video and interactive material. Amazon provides this service to suppliers for a fee.

Benefits Of Amazon A+ Content

You must get a competitive advantage to succeed in selling a business on Amazon. This is where Amazon A+ pages come in. The primary goal of Amazon A+ pages is to raise your conversion rate and product sales.

It offers you an advantage in persuading clients to buy your goods by giving them a better knowledge. This allows vendors a unique opportunity to set their products apart from similar ones supplied by competitors. Because Amazon had restricted criteria, vendors faced a significant hurdle in terms of distinction.

A single, brief paragraph was insufficient to capture the consumers' attention or convert them. Furthermore, there were formatting constraints. This made it incredibly difficult for sellers to demonstrate that they went above and beyond with their product presentation.

So, to assist you to understand why Amazon A+ pages are important, here are some benefits:

1. It attracts the attention of a shopper.

Potential customers take notice of the Amazon A+ page. That is because they are accustomed to seeing crowded product listings. Buyers find it difficult to read content with chunks of paragraphs or text blocks.

The situation is different with the Amazon A+ page. The ad seems appealing enough to catch their attention to buy. This is because it includes HD photographs or a video demonstrating the product's function.

2. It's more pleasing to the eye and simpler to skim.

A messy and disorganized appearance increases the danger of losing a potential buyer, which is precisely what happens with the majority of postings. They're either instructive or the parts aren't put correctly. Because a vendor is no longer limited to large, heavy text blocks, a buyer may scan the material more easily.

3. It brings attention to your product.

One of the most appealing features of the Amazon A+ page is the ability to use large, eye-catching photographs of your goods. This is a fantastic opportunity to emphasize all of the benefits and features of the product you're selling.

Before making a purchase, a customer may conduct a thorough look into your goods. This allows them to click the "buy" button with trust and confidence.

4. It converts more effectively.

According to Amazon, product listings with Amazon A+ page sell 10% more than those without. The A+ function improves content conversion, increases product branding, and improves the customer buying experience.

Buyers purchase products because of appealing visuals combined with strong content. This results in a rise in ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) and a reduction in ACoS.

5. It fights product counterfeiting.

A+ content distinguishes you by increasing your reputation and recognition. Customers who are familiar with your brand are less likely to buy counterfeits since they know you are the legal owner of the goods.

6. It uses a genuine marketing strategy.

You'll note that the majority of A+ content resembles a traditional brochure. This isn't a coincidence, to be sure.

Without the textual restrictions that Amazon previously imposed on listings, the platform may now experiment with new color schemes. You can also explore Amazon A+ templates and other marketing methods.

7. It improves Customer Reviews and promotes lower Return Rates.

Customers want to learn as much as they can about a product before making a purchase. A+ content helps them buy faster by providing them a deeper grasp of the product.

You may expect fewer returns after the purchase as clients have a better understanding of your product. Customers who are happy with your goods are also more likely to submit a favorable review on Amazon. Know that they cannot overstate the potential of these qualities.

When compared to other sellers, a seller who understands and knows how to utilize them appropriately would benefit.

Amazon A+ Content Guidelines

When it comes to A+ content, there are a few factors to keep in mind:

  • Because A+ content isn't indexed by Amazon, it has no impact on your page ranking.
  • Amazon A+ content management allows you to get a preview of both your desktop and mobile versions on the same screen.
  • For things that merchants previously listed, you will have to pay extra to provide A+ enhanced content.
  • To be eligible for the offer, you must submit your A+ content within one month of confirming your purchase.
  • Any changes to the page after it has gone live are only allowed for the first two business days after it has been published.
  • On your pages, you are not authorized to discuss your rivals or the things they offer.
  • According to Amazon A+ Content Guidelines, you should provide original content (both text and graphics).
  • Amazon has complete authority to remove your Amazon A+ page at any moment. This is based on Amazon A+ Content Guidelines. However, this usually only occurs when a vendor chooses to terminate his or her account. It can also happen when a vendor fails to fulfill orders on time or violates Amazon's terms and conditions.

Check out Amazon A+ Content Guidelines to learn more.

Best Practices for Amazon A+ Content

The Amazon A+ Content guidelines are basic and obvious. As a result, you should have no trouble satisfying the eligibility criteria.

Here's what you'll need to do:

1. Make your unique selling proposition (USP) a priority.

Begin by asking yourself a basic question: what is the USP (Unique Selling Point) of my product?

Once you get the answer, put it down on paper and then ask yourself two more questions. What are the most significant advantages of utilizing my product? And, more importantly, how can my product assist people in their daily lives?

Keep in mind that "features" and "benefits" are not synonymous. While "features" are vital, it is "benefits" that will elicit emotions. And when emotions are evoked, purchases are made.

2. Keep the materials and content concise.

Not all buyers will waste time going through a large amount of information to see if your product is appropriate for their needs. Stick to concise, precise content that informs shoppers about the product fast and allows them to make an informed purchase decision.

Also, make sure you begin by providing A+ content to your best-selling goods. Use this function when you have a better probability of making a profit.

3. Combine text and graphics.

High-quality photographs help with conversions. You must include some engaging language that highlights the benefits or qualities of your product. Including this is a smart move, especially for skimmers looking for specialized information not found in your content pieces.

4. Make the most of your product reviews.

Customer reviews are really valuable, and you should not disregard them. Read over your customer reviews, as well as competitor listings. This will provide insights on products that are similar to yours before you write an A+ content. This will provide you with a clear image of the kind of content that your customers prefer.

5. Errors in content should be avoided.

When developing A+ content, the use of certain special letters and symbols is prohibited, including copyright, registered trademark, and registered brand marks. Furthermore, you are not permitted to incorporate a link to any other website. Take note that you can include a link to any ASIN within the module type.

6. Keep an eye on the image's size and resolution.

Ensure that you post your photographs with the proper resolution and size to avoid "rejection" from Amazon. It's worth noting that the picture requirements vary depending on the module type you select.

7. Make good use of banners.

One of the most effective strategies to divide your product's information page is to use banners. It presents it to the customer as a new category. And then, it draws the consumer with HD visuals and provides more information about the brand and product.

8. Before submitting your work, make sure it's error-free.

Amazon might take up to seven days to approve your content. However, they normally do it far faster than that. Make sure that you proofread your pub mats before submitting it. If for some reason, your A+ page is published, and you subsequently discover a grammar error, you will resubmit the page. This implies that your mistake is visible for a week.

9. Make it more visual than textual.

A+ content should be more visually appealing, which means that there should be more graphics and fewer words. The language should be written in basic terms and should communicate the message to the customer immediately. Maintain a suitable balance of a lifestyle product photo vs. an actual product photo. This is an important aspect that draws attention to the ASIN.

10. Maintain consistency in your designs.

Here's something you should take attention to right now. The most important point is that you should not build only one landing page. It is instead for the full product catalog, which is something you should never miss.

Throughout the arrangement, your A+ content must be constant. It should represent the extension of your brand as well as your website. Consider it a large picture of how you want to see your brand as a whole.

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