Amazon DSP Advertising Services

We’ll help you use Amazon’s Demand-Side-Platform, a unique, programmable engine that finds customers and automatically buys ad spots to target them.

We’ll show you how to take advantage of Amazon DSP’s unique data and unique services to capture potential buyers.

We’ll manage your entire DSP campaign for you and make data-driven adjustments to keep refining your ACoS and ROI.

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How does Amazon DSP advertising work?

Amazon’s demand-side platform uses a wealth of consumer data to find the right customers and automatically buy ad spots to target them. All you need to do is enter your programming choices and limitations and then DSP does the rest.

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Generate awareness and find repeat visitors by targeting customers who carried out specific activities.

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Target customers who were close to buying your product or a competitor’s product.

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Show your ads to customers who regularly buy products from your category or related categories.

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Advertiser Audiences

Upload your own existing customer data and tell Amazon DSP to use that to target ads.

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Audience Lookalike

Target customers who share similarities with your own customers using Amazon’s unique data.

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Display ads to audiences based on what they’re browsing at any given moment.

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What kinds of ads does Amazon DSP buy for me?

We’ll help you select and create ad campaigns that can run in different formats, depending on your target demographic and the specific ad strategy you want to follow.

Amazon Display Ads

Target and retarget shoppers with auto-generated, product-focused ads on Amazon and other places on the web.

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Amazon Video Ads

Reach customers with an engaging ad experience on Amazon’s websites, mobile apps, and the Amazon Fire tablet’s wake screen.

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Amazon Audio Ads

Reach customers during breaks in music playback while listening to free Amazon Music on dozens of devices.

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We help you find what works and what doesn’t

Our team of dedicated experts studies your DSP track record and helps you figure out which ads have been working more than others by using effective attribution.

Using results from Amazon’s 7-day and 14-day last-touch attribution records, we can help you make sense of how effectively Amazon ads impact sales. We also validate whether off-site ads are giving you the outcomes you expected when you made certain targeting choices.

Increase your advertising reach

Amazon DSP provides a wealth of options and unique services when it comes to delivering your message to customers and getting them to click and buy. It uses its own advanced data sets and can even integrate your own third-party data to reach paying customers on their preferred devices.

Let our expert DSP team inform your decisions and assist you in creating, maintaining, and tweaking PPC campaigns that deliver significant returns on your ad investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer project based Amazon services?

Yes! We're happy to tailor fit Amazon services based on scope, timeframe, and budget. We offer the following Amazon services:

Brand Registry
Storefront Creation
Keyword Research/Harvesting
3D Product Rendering
Image Sets
A+ Content (EBC)

Is there a minimum term for managed service?

We always recommend 3 months minimum for any partnership. It allows us to provide comprehensive due diligence on all of our services.

Do you have cancellation fees?

We do not believe in cancellation fees. We believe in win-win scenarios where we both mutually invest in a solution based partnership.

Who have you worked with in the past?

We have an extensive network of partners who we've provided Amazon services to.
Some of whom are:

Boosted Commerce
Elements Brands
Deathwish Coffee Company
Rapid Brands