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Amazon offers a wealth of opportunities for starting and scaling up a thriving business. We can offer you expert, professional help in reimagining your brand identity, increasing customer loyalty, and converting sales so you can skyrocket your brand on Amazon.

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Our team has the will, drive, and expertise necessary to scale your Amazon presence and drive growth into higher tiers of revenue. Whether you’re branching into e-commerce for the first time, looking to expand your Amazon storefronts, or considering launching new lines of business, we’ll enable and support you every step of the way.

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Listing Optimization and Copywriting

Amazon SEO

New Item Set Up

Hiden keywords 

Virtual bundies 

Listings structure & Organization


Bullet Points 


A+ content

Amazon Posts | Caption


Asset Optimization and Creation

Main | Hero Image

Secondary Images

A+ Content Modules

Brand Store Design

Product Photography and Editing

Virtual Bundles Image Set

Amazon Posts Content

Brand Videos

Brand Store Merchandising


Amazon PPC and DSP

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Brands | Video

Sponsored Display

Campaign Optimization

Day Parting

Budget Management

Performance Report

STR Harvesting

Pacvue Automation


Amazon Marketing Cloud


Brand governance and Account health

Fulfillment Set Up

Inventory Management

FBA Shipment 

Buy Box Monitoring


Deals | Promo | Coupon

Subscribe and Save

Order Management

Customer Service

Account Health Monitoring

Case Logs | Performance

Overtake competitors  selling similar products

Our experienced ad campaign experts can help you maximize Amazon’s Pay-Per-Click advertising so you don’t miss out on revenue opportunities and you get the best possible return on your ad investment. 

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Amazon PPC.

Reach new and existingaudiences on and off Amazon

Our team of experts reviews your advertising campaign needs and helps you form a cohesive ad strategy and advertise all over the web on many devices and formats.We’ll help you select and create ad campaigns that can run in different formats, depending on your target demographic and the specific ad strategy you want to follow.

Get your money back from Amazon.

Our Case Managers will personally manage your claims and recover that money for you so that you can focus on running your business.

We will review your data daily, submit claims on your behalf to Amazon, and track all your reimbursements.

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MH1Market Hyper Acceleration

Our proprietary MH1 Formula can help you grow and scale your account and provide unprecedented results in elevating your brand.

Our process for predictable growth is based on Amazon's concept of "Continuous Optimization". It analyzes what stage your Brand and Listings are in the MH1 Product Life Cycle and determines goals for optimization through specialization, with no generalization.

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MH1 Formula provide unprecedented results in elevating your brand.

Distinctive Logo

Striking Imagery

SEO Optimization

Compelling Copy

Penetrating Ads

Powerful EBC

SEO Full Account ManagementOptimization

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Our AmazonPlaning & Process

Our experts can help you maximize Amazon’s Pay-Per-Click  advertising so you don’t miss out on revenue opportunities  and you get the best possible return on your ad investment.

Goal: Retail Ready

From optimized PDPs, competitor research, to reviews and brand registry, we create the foundations for your Brand to succeed on Amazon.

Goal: Increase Traffic

It's time to boost your sales with campaigns that meet your goals. Sponsored ads, DSP, and other various ad features will work together to maximize awareness, conversation, and loyalty.

Goal: Perpetual Growth

Your brand is now poised for a breakthrough. Now it's time to scale through continuously optimized growth strategies that maintain momentum andkeep you a step ahead of your competitors.

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