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Do you want your products to win in the vast AMAZON space? Do you want to grab the buyer’s attention at the right place and at the right time?

Persuade buyer’s purchasing decisions through streamlined advertising operations.



At SELLER UNIVERSE, our AMAZON CERTIFIED AMAZONAUTS can help you create a full-funnel strategy that will increase brand awareness, boost the visibility of the listings, widen your market reach and grow your revenue.



Scale your business with the 360° advertising solutions on and off Amazon.

Be discovered. Be noticed. Get traffic. Get Sales.

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Campaigns That Yield
Lightspeed Growth

Our Amazon PPC campaign strategies work low risk and yield results at a breakneck speed.


Why fill your ads with regular gas, when you can fill it up with rocket fuel?

We provide a complex and fully dedicated campaign strategy from concept to execution that we know is different from all other agencies. Our Amazonauts are able to service your account with a unique and expert knowledge of the Amazon algorithm, ensuring that our campaigns will immediately skyrocket your sales and exceed your expectations.


Dominate your Amazon selling space with our special PPC program

If you as a brand are not running ads and don't know how to dominate your space using the right keywords, your competitor will be eating up market share non-stop. Thankfully by working with us, every dollar you spend on ads will be a guaranteed increase in traffic, product awareness, a boost in rankings, and overall gain market share.


Does it feel like your ads aren’t turning into actual sales?

Unclear campaign objectives, poor budget allocation, and a shotgun approach budget spend. Sound familiar? I certainly hope not. But if it does, it's ok. Thousands of Amazon sellers struggle with efficient and effective ad spend. Thankfully starting today, you don't have to anymore.


The answer isn’t spending more money, it’s spending more time working with us.

We provide a comprehensive cost-effective pricing structure that will yield results while being budget-conscious. Our campaign services are fully capable of boosting traffic and increasing sales without cutting into your bottom line.


Our Content Services

Let us create strategic but also authentic campaigns that truly speak to the needs of your audience. We’ll move the needle together, using themes and data that truly meet your promotional budget, goals, and expectations. Here’s what we can do to boost your growth:

  • Sponsored Products
  • Sponsored Brands
  • Sponsored Brands Video
  • Sponsored Display
  • DSP
  • DSP Remarketing
  • Full Funnel Strategy
  • Posts
  • Promotions & Coupons
  • Deals

Amazon’s advertising platform is where we launch your business to the next level.

Amazon’s advertising platform is the door to millions of sales for your brand if you know how to open it. Thankfully our experts have a spare key and are ready to not only open the door to sales but walk you through how to get there fast. We’re the pros in this space, and when it comes to digital marketing on Amazon, we know exactly what it takes to get your products searched, seen, and sold.


We’ll make every dollar count towards sales and brand trust.

At Seller Universe, we believe in what your business can do. And we also believe that when more people learn about your brand, they'll start believing in you too. And so as your crew, we aim to build that trust with your consumers by continually maintaining and improving your brand image and voice, increasing
your competitive edge and visibility while boosting your sales at the same time.


What is a campaign on Amazon?

How do Amazon campaigns work?

Where do Amazon ads appear?

Are Amazon ads worth it?

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