Suppressed Amazon Listings: How to Troubleshoot It?

December 23, 2020

Suppressed Amazon Listings: How to Troubleshoot It?

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Is your product VISIBLE on Amazon’s search engine? Is it LIVE on the storefront? Are you able to navigate to your product page? If your answer is NO in any of the questions asked. We have another question for you. When was the last time you and your team did a scrutiny check on your product listings?

Listing on Amazon is not a one-time task. It would require constant update and maintenance. Your listing should always meet Amazon’s requirements every time. Because if not, your listing would be suppressed or hidden on the storefront, unless you acted on it immediately and resolved it. 

For every Amazon seller, a hidden listing is a lost opportunity for every minute the listing is down. In this blog, we will share with you the ways how to troubleshoot it and how to prevent it.

What is Suppressed Listing?

Amazon is pro-customer and they always aim to improve customer’s shopping experience. As a result, Amazon will hide (or suppress) from search any listings that do not meet certain standards. This means that a customer will not be able to find a listing in search if that listing is suppressed.

How to Identify Suppressed Listings?

  1. Log in to Seller Central account.

  1. Hover over Inventory and click on Manage Inventory.

  1. Check the status of each ASIN on Manage Inventory.

  1. If there is suppressed listing, you can see a suppressed button. If all listings are live, you won’t find this button.

How to Fix Suppressed Listings?

Suppressed listings are usually due to non-compliance with Amazon guidelines and standards of certain content and asset entered for the listing; hence, it can mostly be fixed on the backend of each ASIN. However, if after investigation and it is determined that we still need Amazon Support’s assistance, log a case.

There are 2 ways to fix a suppressed listing:

  • Option A: Fix suppressed listings in the Issue(s) to fix column by entering the missing values in the editable cells or selecting missing values from the drop-down list and clicking Save.
  • Option B: Fix suppressed listings that are not fixable in the editable grid (Option A) by clicking Edit and going to the Edit product info page. In Edit product info, the missing product details will be highlighted and you will see informational messages that further detail the issue. For non-image issues, enter the missing value and click Save and Finish. For image issues, follow the guidelines on the Product image requirements page and then upload valid product images.

Selling products on Amazon is not a simple task. But it can be simplified if you have the processes and a team in place to oversee your listings. At Seller Universe, we want you to focus on running your business. We can help streamline and automate your processes so you won’t miss any opportunity or any sales.