How videos can help your eCommerce Marketing Strategy

Videos promote transparency and build trust

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How videos help your e-commerce Marketing Strategy

When visiting an e-commerce website to make a purchase, you may first notice the site's impressive images and videos.

The usage of video as a tool to enhance and promote e-commerce listings has been one of the most crucial changes in online sales this year. Customers are more likely to purchase things that allow them to see how they work or what they can accomplish with them.

It's an obvious fact that video has become a fixture of our everyday life. Starting from classic television advertising to today's YouTube, Snapchat, and even Facebook Live.

While utilizing videos for marketing is quick and efficient for consumers, it also gives marketers an adaptable and highly shareable medium to appeal toward target audiences.

In other words, you may get left behind if you do not find ways to include videos in your marketing approach. According to present patterns, this may happen sooner rather than later.

How Important are Videos for e-commerce Marketing

It's no secret that as the world around you changes, so must your listings. The goal is to remain ahead of the curve and make the necessary adjustments. More buyers are switching from physical stores to e-commerce. It's more relevant than ever to create a visual presentation that appeals to shoppers who are used to physically looking for items.

Videos promote transparency and build trust
Videos promote transparency and build trust

The display plays a significant part in attracting customers to an online store. Images and text are less engaging than videos. Every year, the number of mobile videos is growing steadily. This makes video marketing one of the most effective strategies to boost sales.

Furthermore, video marketing allows you to express your story or deliver messages. As a result of the viral video spreading and attracting a large number of viewers, your brand will become more well-known. To keep up with your competition, you'll need to add more layers to your brand by using video.

Like photos, though, not all product videos are created equal. All of the factors that contribute to great product photos are still important when creating video content for your items and brand, but films require additional production layers.

Videos, when done correctly, can clarify issues such as scale and color. Video allows potential buyers to see how a product will fit into their lives and meet their demands. However, it can seem challenging to incorporate videos into your e-commerce marketing strategies. This is especially true for first-timers. To help give you an idea, here are a couple of ways you can integrate videos into your e-commerce marketing strategy.

Types of e-commerce videos

  • Tutorial videos: These are media investments that can pay off in a variety of ways. For starters, they allow you to highlight the product's use and function in a manner that a photograph or written description cannot. A clear and full explanation of your product, its setup, and its functionalities can relieve a lot of pressure on your customer care department. This can help lower the chance of returns and troubleshooting requests. Tutorial videos can do wonders for e-commerce marketing. It may be a good idea to check for examples online to help you get familiar with tutorial videos.
  • Promotional videos: These types of videos are gaining traction as the internet generation's equivalent of television advertising. Getting your brand into the hands of relevant influencers on social media channels and streaming video services can be a powerful method to attract established, targeted audiences. Furthermore, these sorts of videos allow you to make use of the benefits of multimedia marketing. You can then delegate video and audio production to professionals who do it on a regular basis as a source of income.
  • Customer review videos: Comparable to video reviews, but they tend to have higher production quality and are more focused than your average smartphone marketplace reviewer. Incorporate video testimonials into your website. These e-commerce videos feature customers who have previously purchased and currently utilize your products. Previous consumers discuss their positive experiences with the product.

Benefits of Using Videos for e-commerce Marketing

Now that we've tackled the basic concept of utilizing e-commerce videos, it's time to lay out the benefits you can gain from them.

Brand Awareness

You can use videos to direct your customers to your products, services, and brand. This is the most straightforward method of attracting viewers' attention. Mainly if you advertise your products on Facebook or YouTube, you'll have a great chance to grow your brand. Millions of videos are seen on YouTube and Facebook every day, so take advantage of this opportunity to expand your business and improve your e-commerce marketing tactics.

Furthermore, the number of people using cell phones is growing by the day. Because the majority of people view videos on their cellphones rather than on their desktops, you should create that style of video to maximize your results. By doing so, your chances of gaining attention to your brand can increase.

Better SEO Ranking

Videos designed for e-commerce marketing will assist you in increasing the amount of time your visitors spend on your website. As a result, more exposure increases trust and signals to search engines that your content is relevant. Additionally, because YouTube is owned by Google, the traffic it generates is likewise calculated by Google. It indicates that if your YouTube rank is high, your Google rank will improve as well.

Furthermore, you should optimize your YouTube videos for SEO by including an engaging title and description. Backlinks can be added to your landing page, product page, and other pages to encourage customers to take action and drive organic traffic to your website.

Increased Conversion Rate

One of the best things about videos is that they foster a sense of trust among viewers. Suppose your product pages include videos or a brief description. In that case, there is a better probability that a casual visitor will convert into a purchasing customer once they see your videos.

Because clients cannot physically touch or study a product, visual stimulants like videos play a critical role in purchasing decisions. Though high-quality photos can help in some ways, videos provide a more realistic experience.

Simply put, customer resistance will lessen if they can see demonstration videos about your product. 

Easier to Connect With Audience

Simple text will always be inferior to a visual image. With that in mind, creating an e-commerce video can help describe how your new product works and to help customers comprehend your item when you present it. You can utilize video to deliver general yet essential information about the products.

Consumers are more likely to watch interactive e-commerce videos. It is good at educating them about the product and has been shown to improve view time. Suppose your product has a lot of complexities. In that case, you may shoot a video from several perspectives as someone shows it, providing you the most complete understanding possible.

Engage With a Wide Variety of Customers

Videos are not only practical instructional tools, but they are also simple to consume. Reading long product descriptions or diving deep into services is already a headache for most people who live in a fast-paced world.

The modern customer expects to see a product in action before purchasing it. One of the driving factors for firms to employ video in their e-commerce marketing is how they want to perceive content.

E-commerce video marketing appeals to a wide range of people from all walks of life, including the most passive. Make sure you're targeting the buyers' ears as well as their eyes. This will help ensure that people can absorb your content even when not entirely focused.

Modernized Perception

Consumers can positively view businesses that stay up to date with the latest trends. This indicates that they are still relevant and have a complete understanding of modern culture.

Furthermore, e-commerce videos do not have to be traditional these days. You're no longer limited to only producing simple narratives. By using new technologies like live video streaming, social media "stories," and filters, you can connect with a modern audience and avoid being perceived as a washed-up brand.

Virtual reality is another realm to consider. These types of videos can be a significant undertaking but can produce very positive results.


E-commerce videos are an excellent method to connect with your audience and get them closer to your company. You must, however, use videos that complement and improve your e-commerce marketing.

When done imaginatively and with a purpose, e-commerce video marketing may help your e-commerce shop stand out from the crowd. On the internet, videos can provide numerous benefits to your company.

We've gone over the numerous videos that increase e-commerce conversions above. You don't have to use them all; some may not be appropriate for your business or your plans for your brand. When you use the correct video type combinations, your conversion rate is likely to increase significantly.

Place the appropriate videos in the proper areas on your website. This will smoothly guide your consumers through the sales funnel, lowering bounce rates and increasing conversions and purchases.