How Amazon posts can boost your online presence

Customer browsing through listings

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How Amazon posts can boost your online presence

Amazon has placed a major emphasis on branded images and storytelling in recent years. With the launch of A+ content, the platform made it easier for companies to stand out. Using rich visual media creatives, firms can highlight their values and products. With Amazon Posts, the retail behemoth is taking things to the next level.

The launch of Amazon Posts and other community-building features adopted cues from social media platforms that have morphed into online shopping destinations. Posts have a similar appearance and feel to what you'd find on social media, and they're used to distribute material, engage customers, and promote discovery.

However, Amazon did more than just combine social media and online shopping. Their Posts reimagines social media marketing and could be the solution to some e-commerce companies' challenges.

Introducing Amazon Posts

Amazon Posts is a social media project by Amazon that aims to help customers discover new products and interact with their favorite brands.

In other words, this is Amazon's version of Instagram. Brands can use posts to develop and promote product-related content by linking directly to product listings. Sellers that have registered with a brand can develop material and distribute it to a shoppable feed on the site.

Customers will be able to scroll through your feed and get straight to your product detail pages by clicking through. The program is built in this way to encourage clients to browse and discover your brand story as well as show them how to use your products.

Amazon Posts are a unique way to produce content for a business owner or marketer trying to expand their social media marketing plan. Brands can use Posts to maintain consistent brand identity across many social media. Content from social media postings can be repurposed for the Amazon feed. Furthermore, rather than generating content for the latest social media site and tying it to an Amazon account, marketers may engage with Amazon consumers who are already active on the platform, resulting in increased sales and engagement.

Customer browsing through listings
Customer browsing through listings

What are the Benefits of Using Amazon Posts

When making online purchases, consumers are becoming more receptive to social media material. Customers respond to social media's ability to present things in appealing, familiar contexts. Amazon posts have the appearance and feel of traditional social media channels. But they go one step further by allowing customers to see the product behind the captivating content in just one click. For this reason, Amazon posts should be an obvious choice. Let's take a look at why Amazon Posts is important for e-commerce businesses.

 Increased Product Competitiveness

Your brand is usually not the only option on the market. Whether your brand has five or fifty competitors, the goal is to stand out and connect with potential customers.

Competitors' advertising channels are observed by savvy companies and business owners. While you have no control over where your Posts appear, there's a chance they'll appear in the listings of your competitors.

When you promote your content through Amazon Posts, your products can appear in 'related product' feeds. This allows you to advertise straight to your competitor's audience when the consumer is ready to buy! By doing so, customers can look for your brand in a section called "Related Posts" on the listing detail page.

Wider Reach

In the United States, Amazon is the most popular shopping app, with hundreds of millions of users each month. Amazon Posts makes it easier for your business to connect with those potential customers. Customers can learn more about your brand by scrolling through Posts depicting your other products on Amazon's listing detail page.

Improved Customer Shopping Experience

In terms of Marketing, your job as an Amazon seller comes in two forms. The first part entails reducing as many obstacles as possible from the buying journey. However, completely removing every obstacle is nigh impossible. The customer will eventually be faced with a "yes/no" predicament.

To address this, the second part of marketing entails providing appealing marketing experiences and content to keep customers moving. Sellers may use Amazon Posts to demonstrate how their products work and offer original material that illustrates their brand's narrative. This is also a terrific way to show off real-life client images and increase social proof.

And much like social media platforms, your audience can follow your Amazon posts. This provides a more comfortable shopping experience and could increase the chances of previous customers coming back and converting into loyal customers.

Where do Customers View Amazon Posts

Based on relevance and customer involvement, Amazon decides where your Posts appear. Here's a rundown of where your Posts might show up on the marketplace:

Product Page

Amazon Posts appear above the "Customer Questions" section on relevant product listings. They'll be displayed in a carousel manner. A "carousel" is a collection of Amazon posts that display on a product description page and scrolled horizontally by customers. Carousels display may include Posts from your competitors.

Brand Feed

The brand feed is precisely what you'd expect it to be. It's your brand's own feed, where you may share material about all of your products. When a consumer taps the brand's logo in a Post's header, a feed of the brand's Amazon Posts appears.

Related Brands Feed

When you click on a Post in a product page carousel, you'll be sent to the related brand feed, where shoppers can learn more about your products. However, a feed of other related brands (mainly competitors) will also show up.

How to Create Amazon Posts

Now that you've made the decision to get started, it's time to get cracking on those Amazon posts. This is a rather simple procedure. Begin by signing up for Amazon Posts on their official website. After that, you'll create a profile by validating your business name and submitting an image of your brand's logo. Once that's done, you'll be ready to start writing Amazon posts in no time.

There are a few main aspects in each post. The brand name and logo, a caption, main image, and tags. For previous advertisers, you'll recognize most of these aspects. But the way tags are used on Amazon is a little different.

Instead of using hashtags to control where your post appears and what it's about, Amazon tags your post and determines which feeds it will appear on automatically.

Beginner Tips for Amazon Posts

Post Consistently

It's free to post on Amazon! Your company can focus on developing and sharing as much relevant content as possible without getting bogged down by budgets. To put this into perspective, You'll get engagements for the rest of your life if you create 10 posts and then never post again. On the other hand, brands that post on a regular basis get more attention from Amazon. If you post on a regular basis, you'll observe a much higher rate of ROI. It's preferable to post fewer Posts consistently than dump multiple posts at once inconsistently.

It also takes time to build a relationship with customers, therefore the sooner you start, the better. Schedule your postings through the Amazon post platform to ensure that your content is updated on a regular basis. 

Review your content

It's fantastic to create amazing content, but easy and meaningful experiences are what converts customers. Make the most of the Amazon post platform to see what your brand and your content can accomplish.

A fast, concise copy is encouraged by Amazon. Keep your Amazon posts concise and to the point, and keep your brand language consistent.

Make it a habit to check your metrics

Some companies think of their marketing campaigns as a sprint for attention, but true marketing is about more than just getting noticed. As a seller, you're always looking to get seen. But being heard is a different matter. You must aim for those who see you to also pay close attention to you. By doing so, you can potentially convert casual viewers into repeat customers.

This is why it's so important to keep track of your campaigns and metrics. It's not enough to just start posting if you're new to Amazon Posts. You'll need to establish a clear set of marketing goals and content initiatives.


The attempt by Amazon to mix social media with online shopping appears to be extremely promising. Amazon Posts bridges the gap between traditional e-commerce and social media marketing. This platform is particularly appealing because it is easy to use and connects effectively with Amazon's platform.

Brands should absolutely take advantage of Amazon Posts, which will play a critical part in the future of e-commerce shopping. There's no reason why you shouldn't use the service if it gives your business and products free exposure and marketing. It may not be free forever, but brands have nothing to lose as long as it is.