Guide on how to add a User to Amazon Seller Central

Guide on how to add a User to Amazon Seller Central

Guide on how to add a User to Amazon Seller Central

We all know that running a business is difficult, and we all need help at some point. Only you have access to the account tools and features when you first set up your Seller Central account on Amazon.

You may, however, want to give individuals who are involved in the management of your company access. You might want a co-owner or employee to handle inventory or shipment confirmations, for example. The User Access feature allows you to add users and change their permissions.

If you have workers or virtual assistants who assist you with your business, you can give them access to your Amazon Seller Central account.

User Access and Permission on Seller Central Account

User accounts are managed by Seller Central using an invitation basis. To begin, send an email or SMS to other users, as the account manager or administrator, inviting them to register an account on Seller Central. After that, you must set up permissions for each user.

When you invite users into the system and then define their rights, you can be confident that the correct user accounts are linked to the correct owners and that the intended users have the required user permissions feature.

How to Add a User to Amazon Seller Central Account

  1. Login to Seller Central. Go to "Settings" -> "User Permissions"
  1. Enter the name and email address of the intended new user. Click "Send Invitation" once done.

The name of the person you invited will appear in the "Open Invitations" area after you've sent the invitation. By clicking the buttons next to the invitation, you can resend or cancel it.

The confirmation will arrive in a matter of seconds and can be viewed by your invitee immediately. If it does not arrive within a few moments after being sent, ask them to check the spam or promotions folder.

Other users can accomplish activities such as inventory management and shipment confirmations by configuring user rights with the correct permissions. Account credentials, on the other hand, are unique and should not be shared with anybody.

It's also worth mentioning that, while you can add users to your seller account, you can't transfer it, even if the company's ownership changes. If this is the case, the new owner should open a new seller account in their name.

Assigning additional permissions

  1. Once you have confirmed that the new user has accepted your invitation, log back in to your Seller Central account. Go to "Settings" -> and click "User Permissions"
  1. Once in the user permissions page, go to the user you want to manage, then click "Manage Permissions"
  1. You can then manage user accounts to select which features you new user can access.
  1. Once you're done, click "Continue" to save the changes you've made.

Your new appropriate user accounts can execute activities like inventory management and dealing with shipment confirmations by configuring user permissions. Account credentials, on the other hand, are unique and should never be shared with anybody.

Remember, you can fully manage user accounts and edit user permissions whenever you want. Permissions granted can be altered or taken away by the account manager in the settings menu using the same process shown above.

Secondary users can't make disbursements or change disbursement methods on behalf of the seller or account owner by default. These activities will be available only to the principal account user.

After each secondary user has supplied paperwork to pass Amazon's identification procedure, Amazon can grant different rights based on the necessity for each secondary user.

Benefits of Adding Users to Your Seller Central

Now that we've tackled setting user permissions and the invitation process, let's talk about why you would want to do this.

Granting user permissions can alleviate the load of work. Instead of just one primary user handling every factor of work on the Amazon account, you can delegate work to be more efficient.

For example, the account administrator handles financing and other similar aspects. The invited user can handle shipping confirmations, manage inventory, or customer concerns.

In other words, new users can help with other tasks, allowing you to focus on the more important aspects of Amazon management. It's a lot like how a company looks to hire individuals to fulfill roles.


It is relatively simple and easy to invite new users and set up permissions for them. Amazon Seller Central has made it very intuitive and uncomplicated.

But if you are still feeling apprehensive, you always have the option to get assistance from reliable and experienced Amazon management partners. You may end up spending a bit more, but what's important is to get everything running smoothly and prevent any mistakes that may cost you more in the long run.

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