Changing Your Amazon Seller Central Name

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Changing your Amazon Seller Central Name

A store name on Amazon is an important aspect of developing a brand, especially on a site where you're up against millions of other merchants. The Amazon marketplace can be brutal at times, and you need to do everything you can to stand out.

Having a particular name in your Amazon storefront can make or break your seller journey.

You've come to the perfect place if you're an Amazon seller wishing to modify your Amazon store name to something more appropriate.

Changing your Amazon display name (aka Seller Central name) is required if you wish to extend your Amazon business or modify your selling category in your seller account information.

Not only will you learn how to update your business display name in this post, but you'll also pick up some helpful hints.

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How to Change Amazon Seller Central Name

Let's start with the actual steps involved in changing your seller name. Take note that all of these steps can be done in your Amazon seller account. Here's how you do it:

  1. Log in to your Seller Central account
  2. Go to "Settings" -> and click on "Account Info"
  3. Click on "Seller Profile" or "Seller Information"
  4. Once in the seller account information page, click "Edit" and you can get started on inputting your new seller name

Choosing Your New Seller Name

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If you've decided to change your business name, the assumption is that you already have a new name prepared. Maybe you want your new seller name to more accurately represent you or the products you sell. 

But what if you still haven't decided on a name just yet? Not to worry, there are online tools available to help. 

You can use online name generators instead of coming up with a brand name for your Amazon company. Simply enter the type of goods you sell, as well as any relevant words or categories, and the generator tool will handle the rest.

Here are a few sites available to help you get started:

Domain Wheel

This program helps you come up with a store name by suggesting natural but distinct sounding options. You'll be able to modify the name of your store with an intelligent naming tool, allowing customers to see your rebrand on the marketplace.

Shopify Domain Name Generator

This free service assists you in fast establishing your store by assisting you in selecting a business name in a few clicks. It also aids in the protection of your domain name's information.

GoDaddy Name Generator

GoDaddy is a well-known domain name registrar and hosting company. Their performance is excellent, and they provide a large amount of online storage. Simply enter one or more keywords to help you come up with a new domain business name. You can then select from a variety of blog names based on the keywords you provided.

Using Keywords in Your Seller Account Information

The value of keywords in the name of your Amazon business is disputable. It is entirely up to you to decide what works best for you. Both sides of the argument, though, have merits.

SEO rules dictate that customers will associate keywords with companies, which will increase sales. That being said, keywords appear to function significantly better in product descriptions that include a video or a product link. 

When it comes to product posts, people are more inclined to subscribe and contact your store using keywords they found in listing titles instead of your actual display name.

Also, because your store may contain a large number of keywords, including them in your name may not always be possible. For example, stuffing a title with too many keywords can be problematic if you're planning to also use those keywords in your seller name.

Remember, your rankings are more closely tied to your sales ratio than to the keywords you choose. As a result, while altering your display name, all you have to do is choose a name that is unique and memorable.

Best Practices for Choosing a Seller Name 

It is critical that you maintain it memorable. Choose an Amazon seller name that is related to the name of your website, product category, and social media accounts. It will assist your consumer in rapidly locating you.

You should also refrain from being too specific. Choose a name that isn't focused on a single industry. This will allow for possible future expansions of the company.

Name Changing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Many unprepared sellers often register names that are ludicrously bad or just don't make sense. As such, we will be going through the common mistakes in name changing so you can avoid them:

Generic names

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Choosing a name that appeals to a wide array of demographics is good, but avoid being overly generic. You run the risk of your seller name getting lost in the potentially hundreds of thousands of other sellers in the same category.

Using your business address as a name can be a gamble. Consider the pros and cons carefully, but usually it is not advisable.

Unique characters/symbols

This can work in very narrow scenarios where the character (or lack thereof) can add to a minimalistic theme. But it is not recommended in the vast majority of cases.

Needles to say, you should also not turn the name of your seller profile into a storefront link.

Intellectual property violations

Even if the brand name isn't featured on Amazon, never try to copy it. This could jeopardize your prospects of obtaining a trademark registration.

Using restricted words

Using banned phrases on Amazon can make it more difficult to rank your products and brand. This will also severely limit you to a specific audience.

Consider whether this is something that would be advantageous to you. Before choosing an industry-specific word for your name, read Amazon's rules carefully.

Additional Notes

After you've decided on a name, you'll need to register your account before you can begin selling. This is important not just because of your tax ID structure and other tax information, but also to avoid mistakenly making your legal business name the same as someone else's. Do your homework as previously recommended, then tweak and change your name till it is unique. Then you may start selling legally.

You'll also need to sign certain conditions when registering your name to ensure that your Amazon settings are proper. These fields are labeled remark, name, email, website, and so forth. This essential information will combine your personal information with your Amazon name, allowing you to start selling legally.

If you find all of these technicalities to be overwhelming, don't hesitate to get some assistance. Get yourself a trusted Amazon management partner to handle the complicated stuff and other listing optimization concerns.

Use the change in name to your advantage by concentrating on sales and improving your brand's visibility.

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