Amazon SEO: The Not-So Beginner Guide

December 29, 2020

Amazon SEO: The Not-So Beginner Guide

Are you an Amazon Seller who wants to rank your product on top of Amazon’s search engine? Or you are trying to skyrocket your brand on Amazon?

Amazon’s A9 or A10 algorithm makes every Amazon marketer frustrated with its ever-changing algorithm. But don’t worry our Amazonauts (Amazon experts) vow to decode it every minute. Our Amazon SEO specialists are working round the clock to catch any update from Amazon’s algorithm. 


Amazon SEO entails harvesting high-ranking keywords that will be incorporated in the data fields that are being indexed by Amazon, to ensure that every listing has optimized SEO value. 

In this blog, we will tell you all our secrets in harvesting profitable keywords so you can incorporate them into your content, both on the storefront and backend.

Benefits of AMAZON SEO

  • It increases the discoverability and visibility of your products
  • It boosts FBA sales and makes your business to the next level
  • It helps brand owners to increase digital portfolio
  • It helps brand owners to boost their seller rank on Amazon
  • It reduces customer effort to find your product

AMAZON SEO Best Practices for 2021

We heard you. You want to know the exact secrets of how we are able to rank the products of 8-9 figure Amazon sellers under our management. Just follow the below best practices and you will get MAXIMUM VISIBILITY, MORE TRAFFIC, and MORE SALES.

  • Amazon Product Title - Ensure that you incorporate all the relevant information in your title, keeping the product name first and the unique selling point of the product.
  • Amazon Keyword Research for Product Keywords - Select the best keywords for the product(s) that you are selling. An ideal way to do this is by looking at the top-selling products in your category. Analyze them and extract their keywords.
  • Amazon Product Price - Whenever you set a “price” for your product, make sure to check the competition for all the identical products. Bigger price gaps are never going to win. Always try to beat or match your competition’s price. Try to lower the prices to irrational amounts to chuck out the small fishes.
  • Amazon Product Images - They say that “a picture says a thousand words,” and that’s so true when we talk about attracting potential shoppers at a marketplace like Amazon.
  • Amazon Product Description - Apart from the other key aspects, the product description serves to persuade the customer to click the ‘Add to Cart’ button and make a purchase.
  • Amazon Product Features in Bullet Points - Use bullet points to describe your product precisely.
  • Product Stock Availability - It is significant to ensure that your product never runs “out of stock,” as this can lose you a huge number of rankings.
  • Product’s Backend Search Keywords - The important things to incorporate in your backend include the following:
  • Keywords or search terms that you were not able to fit in your description or title.
  • A product’s misspellings (which still customers tend to search highly on Amazon) or related keywords for your product.
  • Translation words of your product into Spanish or French, as there is a bigger Spanish-speaking populace in the United States.
  • Other synonyms that shoppers might look for.
  • Product Reviews and Ratings - The higher the positive reviews, the better is the product’s value. This is also reflected by the ratings of other users and buyers, who can consider the customer reviews helpful or unhelpful.

Whenever you are optimizing your products for AMAZON’s search engine. Bear in mind that we don’t want to please only Amazon’s algorithm. We also need to convince the buyer that our product will satisfy their needs and deepest desires.


Keyword harvesting on your own is time-consuming but you will eventually reap the benefits in the long run. So if you don’t have the time and the skills to optimize your product listings to stay on top. It is advisable to hire reputable Amazon agencies that can imprint profitable keywords across your listings.

Get in touch with Seller Universe’s Amazon SEO Specialist and avail your free product listing audit.

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