5 Types of eCommerce videos that can increase sales

Shooting videos that sell

Types of eCommerce videos that can increase sales

To give customers the most pleasing online shopping experience possible, brands photograph the goods from every angle feasible. They ensure that there is no doubt in the shopper's mind about the quality and aesthetics of the product.

However, product photos are no longer sufficient. They've grown commonplace. Many manufacturers have begun to include product videos on their eCommerce websites in order to ensure that online buyers are happy with the product's appearance and quality before making a purchase.

Attractive product videography is critical when it comes to selling your product. The idea that video content should be a vital component of any marketing strategy is widely accepted. If your goal involves SEO, engagement, conversions, or brand awareness, videos can help you achieve it.

Shooting videos that sell
Shooting videos that sell

Your product videography will play an essential role in the sales process and will serve as a dynamic marketing touchstone. It will be used throughout all of your marketing channels, not just on your eCommerce site.

That being said, there's no linear approach to creating a product video. Customers can vary in expectations for what they want to see. And depending on the way they make purchases, they have different needs.

This article will show the different types of eCommerce videos that can attract your audience and increase conversion.

1. Product Demos or Tutorials

One of the most well-known types of marketing videos is product demo videos. They demonstrate the fundamentals of how a product operates and its advantages. They're popular since they let potential customers try out a product without being physically present.

If you're selling a product or service that's in any way complicated, you'll need this type of video. The purpose behind it is to educate the viewer about your product by showing them not only a tutorial but also the reason they must absolutely use it.

Product demos are ideal for home pages and product pages. The reason being they allow customers to learn more about a product they are curious about in a fun and informative way.

These kinds of videos are crucial for skeptics who are afraid of being disappointed or misled by claims. Demonstrating the way your product can help them with what they need may lead to less resistance and skepticism.

Another reason product tutorials are an essential part of any eCommerce video marketing strategy is that you want your clients to be successful the moment they use your product.

They won't be your customers for long if they buy it but don't know how to utilize it or misuse it. They're considerably more likely to stick around if you set them up for success with easy-to-follow product tutorials.

You can check online for samples of product demos to get more familiarized with how to make them.

2. Product Reviews

Another vital tool for your eCommerce site is video testimonials and reviews. People like them because they provide information about the product's operation and quality. Naturally, this boosts consumer confidence in the item's use and ability to perform as promised by the seller.

It's ideal to include product review videos in your eCommerce marketing plan. The reason being it's one of the most effective and convincing motivators for customers to buy your product.

However, it is no easy task to gather customer reviews. There's the chance that you might not be able to gather enough positive reviews to compile into a viable product review video. Also, it won't seem as genuine if you review your own products.

One workaround with this is to do a sponsored video. Getting the testimony of a major influencer or authority will increase consumer trust in your brand.

3. Unboxing Videos

"Unboxing" refers to the act of removing something from its packaging. Unboxing videos are addicting because they transmit the thrill of experiencing something for the first time. Another reason why people enjoy them is that they depict how a product appears when it is first unboxed and seen by a genuine person.

Some YouTubers make their entire living by just unwrapping things for their audience and reviewing them as they go. While you can make your own review videos, as mentioned with product reviews, it's always more effective if done by a third party.

The simplest method to achieve this is to reach out to industry influencers and ask if they'd be interested in doing an unboxing video of your product. You may offer free products in exchange for them doing an unboxing video.

Authenticity is the key to making a successful unboxing video. People want to see other seemingly ordinary people open the packaging for the first time. They want to see the genuine first reaction to unboxing and holding the product in their hands. There's no need for special effects or scripted moments. On the other hand, the crunching sound of wrapping paper being crunched and cardboard being ripped is important. Consumers want to have a true sense of the unboxing process.

4. How-to Videos

A how-to video delves into all of your product's features in-depth. This type of video digs into the product's full range of capabilities, demonstrating how to utilize it step-by-step.

By utilizing how-to videos, every e-commerce business with a slightly complex product can increase conversions. Because it is for a more savvy, detail-oriented consumer, such videos can easily stand alone on their own website. Alternatively, it can serve as a link from the product page to attract clients who are interested in learning how to utilize the product.

5. Advertisement and Promotional Videos

We can't ignore video advertising and its considerable impact on our marketing approach. Yes, because the usual platforms are oversaturated, this may appear obvious and unhelpful. But if done correctly, it has the ability to bring in a lot of relevant traffic and, eventually, revenue.

From Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, every major social site allows you to buy video advertisements. And it's a proven fact that businesses that put up promotional videos on these platforms yield positive results.

However, planning and developing such videos is no easy task. The amount of time and resources that go into making a decent ad video may shock you. For this reason, it is recommended you consider what type of promotional video you want beforehand.

That being said, entertaining or funny videos are the way to go if you're aiming for online virality. These types of videos loosen the resistance of consumers by eliciting feelings of joy, humor, and general happiness. Your audience will likely respond positively and retain your product in their minds if they associate it with positive emotions.

Another thing to consider is the social media platform you want to release your promotional video on. When deciding about whether to use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or other such platforms, there are numerous factors to consider. 

It all depends on your target market, product, budget, and other factors. Facebook advertising should always be a given. However, look into all of your alternatives to find what works best for you.

How to get started

Now that we've gone through the whys and whats, it's time to get into how to actually start making eCommerce videos.

This particular section deserves a segment of its own. Still, we'll provide a short summary of the steps you must take to create an eCommerce video.


Before anything else, you have to ensure you've got everything covered. We're talking about equipment, lighting, location, software, and anything else you'll need to make a good quality eCommerce video.

Choose the background

The context for your movie is provided by the background, which, of course, changes greatly based on your product and its function. While white is the most straightforward and straightforward background to use, it has been criticized by videographers and content creators who believe that recording on white is no longer sufficient.

Choosing the format

You are free to choose and utilize one or more of the previously mentioned video styles to promote your products. You'll need to decide on this early on to avoid problems later on. 

Write the Script

When writing a script or storyboard, you should concentrate on a product's most stunning features as well as essential details. Plan out your shots, and remember that the goal with eCommerce product videos is to show, not tell.


By strategically placing the proper type of video on the right pages, you can take your video marketing efforts to the next level. You'll notice a rise in engagement sales for years to come if you learn about your audience and use strategic and diversified video content on your eCommerce website.

We're not implying that you must do all of the videos mentioned above at once in order to succeed. These are suggestions that should be implemented gradually. Most firms begin with product videos and video advertisements and then progress to other types of videos to increase sales.

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