2022 Guide on How to Get a Best Seller Badge on Amazon

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How to Get a Best Seller Badge on Amazon

To obtain success as an Amazon seller, you need to utilize every strategy, tactic, and technique available. One of the sure-fire ways to stand out amidst the plethora of competition is getting yourself an Amazon bestseller badge.

By obtaining a bestseller badge, you gain Amazon's seal of approval and get first dibs on recommendations made to customers. Sounds enticing, right? Well, we're going to take a look at what exactly a bestseller badge is and how you can obtain it to bring out your business's full potential.

What is a Bestseller Badge?

Previously, Amazon gave the best seller status and displayed the badge only for the category's top seller, but now multiple products in a single category can bear the badge at the same time.

Amazon places your listings at the top of the customer search results if you have the bestseller badge. They may appear even if a customer searches for an unrelated term within your category.

Simply put, being able to get the Best Seller badge means you'll get more impressions, conversions, and rankings.

Amazon Bestseller Badge vs Amazon's Choice Badge

Customers can trust your brand if it has the Amazon Best Seller or Amazon's Choice badge. However, there is a significant distinction between the two badges.

The Amazon's Choice badge is based on SEO and awarded to product listings that are the best match for a specific keyword. The Best Seller badge is awarded to products that have sold the most units per hour in their category.

When compared directly, it is significantly more difficult to be classified the best seller status and earn the bestseller badge than Amazon's choice badge. However, you'll find that the benefits and rewards are worth all the effort.

What you need to do to Get the Bestseller Badge

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The Amazon bestseller badge is given to the product with the most sales in a particular category. Furthermore, Amazon's A9 algorithm changes the top-selling list every hour. This is why it is critical to ensure that your product listing is as accurate as possible.

Though Amazon did not clarify the exact parameters that influence a product's bestseller rank and seller ranking, it is evident that sales data, sales velocity and total sales history have an impact on a product's BSR. It may seem difficult, but in order to get a best seller label, you'll need to exceed Amazon's standards on everything from your image stack to your customer experience.

Although reviews do not directly determine your bestseller status, they can influence the sales required to earn the badge. That is why it is critical to optimize every aspect of your listing.

The following is a list of factors you'll need to consider to increase your chances of getting the Amazon bestseller badge:

Correct Product Categorization

Making sure your products are seen by your customers is one way to improve your chances of receiving the Best Seller badge and growing your e-commerce sales. Not all categories require the same strategies.

If customers do not find a seller's items, no sale is made, and that is already a loss. Some categories are more competitive and saturated than others. Winning the badge requires being strategic about where products are placed.

This is not limited to only earning the best seller badge on Amazon. In general, you don't want to get stuck in the wrong category as it will result in poor visibility and customer conversion.

Amazon's Overview of Categories page is one place to check to ensure your product is properly classified. This will display the different types of categories available on the platform, as well as the product conditions that are acceptable for a listing.

You could also consider changing your subcategory to one that is similar but less competitive in order to capture more sales with minimal effort.

Listing Optimization

Amazon has millions of products. To win the badge, items must stand out from the crowd. There are several steps involved in optimizing a listing. It all starts with an effective keyword research strategy that ensures product titles are relevant to what customers are looking for.

The most straightforward method is to go to Amazon and type in the first few keywords of your product. Amazon will provide several suggestions from which you can select the ones that are relevant to your listing.

If you want precise results tailored to your Amazon listing, use SellerApp's keyword research tool. You can use this free tool to discover long-tail keywords that are highly relevant to your listings and have higher conversion rates.

Choose high-volume keywords and include them in as many parts of your product listing as possible. Remember, the goal is to find highly relevant keywords with high search volume and use these keywords to optimize the listing.

Offer Competitive Prices

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Competitive pricing correctly attracts more buyers and, eventually, more sales. That being said, pricing should not be a competition to see who's the lowest. Contrary to popular belief, consumers are not solely interested in purchasing the product with the lowest price.

They understand that if they buy cheap, they will get what they pay for, which is usually substandard or poor-quality items.

So monitor your competition and devise a competitive pricing strategy that is competitive. This will increase your chances of earning the Amazon bestseller badge. Check your profit margin while lowering your prices to ensure that you remain profitable.

You should also keep in mind that while decreasing product prices may help you increase sales and thus search rankings, it is only one of many factors influencing Amazon's A9 algorithm. 

Alternatively, if a seller decides to price their products higher than the average, they must justify the price increase in their optimized product listing.

Product Variations

The more variations you provide on a listing, the more likely you are to sell it and earn the best seller badge. Variation enables shoppers to compare and select products, increasing their confidence in their purchases.

If possible, make sure to add variations to your products in your listings to encourage brand recognition in all relevant categories.

Implement a Viable Advertising Strategy

Advertising can help you increase sales and build a customer base. Customers can be drawn to your brand and all of your products by using Sponsored Products or Sponsored Brands, especially if they are directed to your Brand Store.

Amazon pay-per-click advertising campaigns can help you increase sales and organic ranking. Running PPC campaigns would be extremely beneficial if you are selling in highly competitive markets and saturated categories.

But is it worth investing money in getting Amazon PPC? Well, just take a look at all the top brands. Almost all of them are running Amazon PPC campaigns.

Even if your product rankings are high and you have good sales, a competitor running PPC campaigns can easily outrank you. As a result, if increasing your sales and becoming the best-selling vendor in your niche is your goal, you should include PPC campaigns in your strategy.

Use Promotions to Attract Customers

Holding regular promotions is another way to boost sales and earn the Best Seller Badge. Having coupons or promo codes can naturally attract more sales volume, which can help you climb the ranks of Amazon's e-commerce trends.

But this strategy has its fair share of drawbacks. Although promotions may temporarily increase sales and possibly fool Amazon's A9 algorithm, it is ultimately just creating prerequisites for a price war. It is critical not to outprice your competition, but to keep your price as low as possible in order to increase sales.

Quick and Efficient Shipping

Customers are more likely to buy a product if it is available for same-day delivery. Similarly, providing free shipping can significantly boost an item's sales. Optimizing your product shipping speed through free shipping and same-day delivery is a tried and true method for earning the Amazon Best Seller Badge.

Get Expert Assistance

All of the previously mentioned strategies can be overwhelming to keep track of, especially for a beginner. You can take it one step at a time to steadily get yourself familiar with the process.

You can also get the help of trusted and reliable Amazon partners. Agencies and companies geared towards Amazon account health management can give you a significant boost and leverage your business to greater heights.

Benefits of Getting the Bestseller Badge

Now that you know the metrics you need to focus on to actually get the bestseller badge, do you think it's worth all the trouble? As an Amazon seller, you'll eventually need to do all the previously mentioned strategies to succeed. The only difference is that you must consistently be the best to earn the bestseller badge.

If you're still not convinced, here's another thought for you. Buyers today are more discerning because they have more shopping options than ever before. And they're willing to go the

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