13 Best Practices for Amazon Product Images

13 Best Practices for Amazon Product Images

Stand out in a crowded marketplace - the no. 1 goal of every Amazon Seller. And that is the main job of your product images. 

There must be a lot of other sellers piggybacking your listing, or there must be a lot of competitors trying to outrank you. Want to know how to stay in the game and beat the competition? Optimize your creative assets NOW!

Show off how amazing your products are with product images and creative assets that convert. Just ensure your assets are following Amazon’s guidelines and simply follow our 13 Best Practices.


Main Image

  1. Professionally photographed image of the product
  2. The product image should fill 85% or more of the canvas
  3. The image should be clear and sharp
  4. Products have to be placed on a white background
  5. It is recommended to use 2000 pixels x 2000 pixels in order to allow maximum zoom on the image.

Secondary Images

  1. Showcase any part of the product that is not easily visible on the main image
  2. Utilize image zoom by following recommended image sizes
  3. Amazon allows using a dimension that are larger than 1000 pixels on one side and 500 pixels as a minimum on the other side thus will give you a rectangular image and allow zoom abilities.

Size/Ratio Dimensions

  1. Use an image of the product wherein the dimensions can be clearly shown - L x W x H
  2. The measurements should be clear and legible and refrain from using unnecessary graphics

Features and Specifications

  1. Use product images that showcase the features that are highlighted
  2. Use icons that are easily understandable at a glance to highlight features, succinct information, and copy
  3. Additional graphics may be used but the focus should still be about the highlights of the product

Owning a DSLR camera doesn’t make us a pro. That’s why it is important to delegate this most important task of photography and graphic design to the experts. No to DIY or photoshoot at your garage.

Photography and Creative Design may be an additional expense but you will get the ROI faster if you invest in high-quality creative assets for your Amazon listings.

Let us skyrocket your brand this year on Amazon with creative assets that convert over and over again.

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